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Yoga For Healthy Life
Before I had kids, one of my favorite activities was yoga. After a rough pregnancy and a high needs infant, followed by another rough pregnancy and taking care of two kids, I found I had forgotten to take care of myself. My biggest excuse was that I have no time for myself. Knowing that was not likely to change, I decided I would get back to my yoga practice, even if it meant working out for 15 minutes at a time or practicing yoga with the kids crawling on, over, under and around me.

Yoga Certifications
In 2016, I decided to get my yoga certification. The process of going through Registered Yoga Teacher training was life changing. It was mentally and physically challenging but so worth it. I had the opportunity to bond with a group of amazing, supportive women, learn and apply new knowledge, and follow my passion. If you are on the fence of getting certified yourself, I would strongly encourage you to do so.

Yoga Mats
When I started my training, I quickly realized the yoga mat I was using was not helping me in my practice. It was slippery and not very supportive. I also discovered quality yoga mats are not cheap, but if you practice often, it is worth investing in a good mat. Many companies offer instructor discounts.  I purchased a Liforme mat and love it. It is made from natural materials and is not slippery, even during sweaty work outs. It also has markings to help with alignment.

Yoga Wear
When it comes to yoga clothes, there are currently a few high quality choices in the market. Teeki is eco-conscious active-ware design line.  Yoga Democracy is another eco-friendly sports-ware boutique.  PrAna is definetly one of my favorite online stores, which features premium outdoor and sports clothes. Finally, Onzie features one of the best yoga pants lines in the market today.

Yoga Accessories

Liforme yoga mats
Manduka yoga mats
Yoga Pro Wheel

Favorite Yoga Instructors
Bryan Kest 
Bizzie Gold
Beach Yoga Girl
Kino Yoga

My kids love yoga.  :-)
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