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What Do Babies Think by Alison Gopnik

TED's Speaker: Alison Gopnik - What Do Babies Think
Have you ever wondered what do babies think and how babies think? TED's speaker Alison Gopnik deep dives into fascinating minds of babies, toddlers and children. "What Do Babies Think" portraits how much cognitive understanding occurs before we are even aware of it. It is fascinating to see dynamic experimental methodology at works in toddlers stage of life. Alison Gopnik will show you how little minds spend every waking moment analyzing information from the environment around them tirelessly trying to figure out how the world works. Enjoy it!
About Alison Gopnik
Alison Gopnik is a child development psychologist and an author of a few popular books on cognitive, psychological, and philosophical development:
The Scientist In The Crib
Psychology, Philosophy, and Computation

What Children's Minds Tell Us About Truth, Love, and the Meaning of Life
Words, Thoughts, and Theories
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