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Baby Transitioning From Co-Sleeping To Crib

How To Make a Gentle Transition to a Crib?
Between about 6 months and 15 months our night time routine was to give Bean a bath and he would fall asleep nursing. At 15 months, he was still waking every two to three hours throughout the night. I felt like a walking zombie. At 15 months we decided it was time for Bean to sleep in his crib, before mom lost her sanity. We bought a rocking chair and some bed time books and tried to find a lovey for Bean that he would like to sleep with. Our routine became reading three books, rocking in the chair and nursing, then sleeping in the crib. We had a few rough nights switching from mama's bed to the crib. If he didn't fall asleep nursing, he would cry when I put him down. I would pick him up until he was calm and try again until he went to sleep. The first few nights we had to pick Bean up many many times before he fell asleep but we were able to gently transition from sleeping in mama and tata's bed to the crib. Letting him "cry it out" was not something we felt comfortable with for several reasons. A few months after this, we switched to a full size bed and had Bean start sleeping in his own room.
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