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Kids Toys

Little Wheels On-The-Go
We learned over time that no matter where you go with your little one, cars will always hold his attention. I compiled a short list of favorite little wheels "on the go" toys. These toys are small enough to be carried to the park, friend's house, or a vacation.
Sesame Street Mania!
When it comes to Sesame Street toys, our two-year old son is absolutely crazy about his Sesame Street Neighborhood Playset. We have been collecting little figurines ever since Sesame Street and Elmo "moved" into our household. It was not long before Super Grover became one of his "most influential friends".

Mix & Match Puzzles
Classic mix & match puzzle games encourage eye-hand, fine motor and creative expression skills in toddlers. I like the fact that mix and match puzzles can be played as a part of bedtime routine, since they do not come with flashing lights, loud noise, or any other crazy modern world electronic stimulation.
Developing Motor Skills: Stacking & Sorting Toys
Stacking toys are excellent for developing motor skills in babies. Our little one loves to play with them. It is good take a break from crazy electronic, flashing, sound-making & other sensory stimulating toys. Stacking and sorting toys are true basics in early child development. Our little one likes to chew on them, so parents do need to pay attention to which material are these stacking toys made of, manufacturer names, and colors used to paint them. I have selected three of our favorite stacking toys and wrote a short review on each. Our favorite one, which also the most challenging one, is Shape Sequence Sorting Set.

Bruder Construction Toys
When it comes to construction sites, our son is crazy about dump trucks, backhoe loaders, telehandlers, and other "mighty" machines. When he first discovered Bruder construction site toys, he was in 7th heaven! The quality and real life look of these toys are unmatched by anything we have seen in the market. We own several Bruder toys, and all of them are of exceptional quality.

Best Baby Toys Under $10
In addition to being entertaining, colorful,  and well designed, these toys for babies do not cost fortune. All of these must have baby toys are priced below $10.
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