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Play Furniture For Kids: Pretend Furniture For Toddlers

Play Furniture For Kids
Toddlers and kids love to pretend they are adults and have adult things that are just the right size for them. We have acquired some fun pieces of toddler furniture our son really loves. My five main areas of interest for kids furniture are: children safety, overall ergonomics, space it takes up in the house, durability and price.
Pretend Furniture For Toddlers I Picked
After researching various play furniture for kids options, we ended up getting the three sets: Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen, Gift Mark Chair and Ottoman, and Sesame Street Table and Chairs. In retrospect, based on how much time our little spends playing with his furniture toys, I would say that all three choices were excellent. If I would have to do it again, I would pick the same three items. He frequently invite us to cook with him in his little kitchen and join him while eating or drawing at his Sesame Street table and chairs.
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