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What Are The Symptoms Of Baby Teething

What Are Symptoms Of A Baby Teething?
Teething in babies is usually one of the most frustrating processes in early child development. Babies, and sometimes toddlers, can not specifically communicate what is bothering them, so it is up to parents to figure out the source of baby's discomfort. So, what are the symptoms of babies teething? In this article, I covered some of the most common signs of teething in babies. By the way, I have noticed almost all of these baby teething symptoms when my baby started teething, and then later on, when he was a toddler.
  1. Swollen gums - When it comes to baby teething symptoms, one of the most reliable first symptoms of teething involves swollen gums. Needless to say, sometimes it is hard to distinguish between normal, slightly swollen and fully swollen gums. For that reason, it is important to match some other behaviors, or baby teething symptoms, that typically accompany baby teething.
  2. Gum rubbing - This is a typical behavior, which little ones often practice and embrace as it is reliving some teething pain.
  3. Decreased appetite - Teething in babies can even cause them to loose their appetite. The best way to establish this as a tru baby teething symptom is to test baby's appetite with his or her favorite foods.
  4. Sucking - Finger sucking when teething is a common and expected activity among little ones. Teething babies sooth themselves by sucking on their fingers.
  5. Drooling - It is hard to distinguish between regular drooling and teething related drooling. Therefore, this teething symptom alone will be hard to relay on.
  6. Putting fingers and other objects in mouth - Naturally, babies will deal with teething pain in any way they can. This is one of the easiest visually detectable teething symptoms.
  7. Sleeping issues - Restless nights, crying and a mild fever are babies teething symptoms, which are sometimes all "packaged" together during long nights of baby teething.
WARNING: Before giving any teething medicine, aid or natural remedy to your baby, please consult with your pediatrician.
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