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How To Relief Teething Pain For Babies

How To Relief Teething Pain For Babies?
To relief teething pain, I heard that some of my friends would freeze one end of a wet wash cloth and give it to baby to suck on. Freezing one end allows baby to hold on to the other end. Sipping cold yogurt, eating hard toast, or munching a slice of apple are said to be good relief too.  I tried all of these things, but none of them seem to help much, except perhaps drinking cold kefir, which he started enjoying somewhere between 18 and 24 months. Keep in mind that every baby is different, and he or she will react differently to various remedies. As I mentioned, our son immensely enjoyed cold kefir, while other remedies did not help him much. Perhaps, amber teething necklace worked partially, as well. The best way to find out what your baby will like is to try different things, and to keep trying until you find it.

Before giving any foods, teething medicine, aid or natural remedy to your baby, please consult with your pediatrician.
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