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Summer Day And Night Handheld Video Monitor


Summer Day And Night Handheld Video Monitor Review
This camera and monitor system weighs a little bit over 2 pounds. It features a rechargeable battery, with a six hour life, which is in line with our experience. The display size of LED standing screen is 1.8 inches. Sound clarity is decent - maximum 900 MHz. Summer Day and Night Handheld Video Monitor, also, features an indoor range of 100 MHz with two channels. 

Summer Day and Night Baby Monitor Pros
The 1.8 inch screen provides a good view of baby. It does its job, no complaints here. If there is enough light in the baby's room you can view baby in color, which is, also, a plus. Handheld display has a clip and can be clipped onto your waste, if needed. Also, handheld display has lights that monitor the level of sound baby is making, which can come in handy if you have background noise. Night vision gives a clear view of baby in the dark. This baby monitor has a long lasting and rechargeable battery, which last about six hours. Although the monitor was bulky, as I will point out in the next section, I liked its design. Its edges were smooth, while the antenna was long lasting and well insulated.

Summer Day and Night Baby Monitor Cons
I felt that the handheld display is just too bulky. In addition to being bulky, it was difficult to clip onto clothing without it falling off. The biggest problem we had was that after twelve months our monitor developed a short that made listening to it very annoying. We had to move it around often to try to get the sound to stop producing an annoying static like noise. I probably should have called the company about the issue. A girlfriend of mine had an issue with her Summer monitor and called the company. She said they took care of the issue right away and offered excellent customer service. On occasion we would see someone else's nursery on our monitor, which was a little creepy, but I suppose it doesn't really matter, as we don't know whose nursery it is and if someone sees our room, they wouldn't know where we are located. 
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