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Best Stacking Toys

Baby Stacking Toys Overview 
Stacking toys are excellent for developing motor skills in babies. These toys are sometimes referred to as sorting and stacking toys, or nesting toys. Our little one loves to play with them frequently. It is a good idea to take a break from crazy electronic, flashing, sound-making and other sensory overstimulating toys. Baby stacking rings, wooden stacking blocks and the caterpillar gear are true basics in early child development. Our little one liked to chew on all of them, so parents do need to pay attention to which material are these stacking rings, caterpillar gear, and stacking blocks made of, manufacturer names, and colors used to paint them. I have selected three of our favorite baby stacking toys and wrote a short review on each toy. Our favorite stacking sorting toy, which is also the most challenging one, is the wooden stacking sorting blocks: Shape Sequence Sorting Set. I felt that this toy contributed the most, among all stacking toys listed in this section, to our child's early development.


Penguin Stacker is a popular wooden stacking toy by Melissa & Doug for the little ones. This toy consists of ten parts: eight sliding penguin body pieces, one central stacking pole, and the light blue base. Each piece slides smoothly onto the pool to complete the penguin body. This novel wooden stacking toy, which is designed by one of the most popular toy manufacturers, Melissa and Doug, is targeting fine motor skill development in babies and toddlers. Ergonomically superbly designed, made out of baby friendly soft wood, and with cute artistic touch, this toy, in my opinion, is one the best stacking toys.



Brillian Basics Rock A Stack Stacking Rings is a classic stacking toy for babies and toddlers. Five colorful rings, stacking pole, and the rocking base are made out of softer plastic. Our little one used to chew on this toy a lot, so for us, stacking rings had a dual role: stacking and teething. I like that Fisher Price kept the basic old time fashioned design. Stacking rings should be simple, bright colored, and smoothly shaped for an easy assembly. Enhancing sense of touch, refining motor skills and further developing color recognition are just some of benefits this toy is successfully targeting.


Consisting of five colorful stacking rings of various sizes, thickness and texture, Lamaze Rainbow Stacking Rings successfully targets auditory awareness and problem solving skills in babies and toddlers. Toy's basic classic design is enhanced with novel fabric and texture aspect, which makes it one of a kind in this category. Soft stacking rings open up new avenues for creative play, where wooden and plastic counterparts might not be applicable. One thing that you do need to pay attention with this toy is soft material in conjunction with baby teething. I am not sure teething goes well with this toy, but I will leave it up to you to decided.
Positive Impact on Color Differentiation Process
Stacking toys for toddlers and babies help in the color differentiation process in the early stage of brain development. Typically, all stacking toys are painted in various, somewhat bright and highly distinguishable colors.
Hands-On Activity for Babies and Toddlers
Baby stacking rings and stacking blocks promote hands-on activity. Remember, sense of touch is one the most essential senses. You, as a parent, want to promote it as much as possible.




Promoting Eye-Hand Coordination
As a baby picks up an object (stacking rings toy or wooden stacking blocks), he or she is instantly involved in the processing of visual input in the attempt to guide hand movement by the eyes. Baby stacking toys are excellent for enhancing eye-hand coordination because they are an attractive shiny target (i.e. baby stacking rings) with end goal in mind (stacking activity). If you would like to learn more about early eye-hand coordination development in babies, visit Positive Parenting Site.

Motor Skill Enhancers
Baby toys, such as, stacking toys for toddlers, naturally provide a great deal of motor skills enhancements in the little ones. A motor skill is, by the definition, a learned sequence of combined movements that produces efficient action to complete a task at hand. To learn more about baby motor skill development, read this great article "Optimizing Early Brain and Motor Development Through Movement".

Material and Paint Safety Concerns
Since stacking toys are often used as a chewing aid for the little ones, parents have to pay close attention to the material that baby stacking rings and stacking blocks are made of. Ideally, if possible, natural materials are preferable. In addition to the material, even more attention needs to paid to colors used to paint this type of baby toys.

Key Development Areas
Stacking toys for babies and toddlers play an important role in the early stages of child development. These colorful and fun toys for babies and toddlers target several key areas of child development: learning to reorganize shapes, helping in color recognition, developing sense of different sizes, mastering and refining motor skills, developing hand-eye coordination, and enhancing problem solving skills.
Promoting Size Differentiation Abilities
Differentiation between various sizes is another important learning benefit of stacking toys for babies. Ideally, you would want to have a stacking toy with, at least, five distinct piece sizes. My favorite such toy is Shape Sequence Sorting Set. Multiple size, shape and color variations in this sorting and stacking toy are superb.
Classic Toys
Stacking toys for babies and toddlers will not fail to entertain, teach and enhance your baby's development. These toys are one of the rare classic toys which are still in use today. Over time, new materials and colors were introduced, but the basic shape and concepts remained unchanged for centuries. One might conclude that stacking toys are indeed timeless.
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