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Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart Toy


Category: Learning To Walk Push Toys
Learning To Walk Push Toy For Toddlers Review
A shopping cart toy for toddlers is another great product from Melissa and Doug. Just like all other kids products from Melissa and Doug, this toy is one of the best in its category. Little ones love to mimic adults, and the shopping experience is definitely high on their pretend list. Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart toy is very sturdy and long lasting. Ours looks like brand new, so I am thinking you might want to look for a used one - it probably won't be much different than a brand new one.

Very Well Designed Toy
Melissa and Doug shopping cart features a full metal body, baby seat and a set of four 360 degree rotatable wheels. After closer examination, you will come to the conclusion that the craftsmanship is of exceptional quality. The cart is very easy to assemble and only takes a few minutes to do so. This toy has been a favorite among Bean and his friends. Since the pretend shopping cart is made out of metal, it could chip away wooden furniture fixtures. Our son stared playing with it much sooner than the age of 3, as is recommended by the manufacturer. Once our son was able to navigate the cart around the house, we started playing shopping games. Most of all, we emphasized counting. As he was placing toys in the shopping cart, we counted them with him. We also purchased pretend food and he has learned the names of many different foods. Melissa & Doug shopping cart toy weighs 12.5 pounds.

Melissa And Doug Toys Overview

Melissa and Doug is a well known customer focused, yet fairly small, toy design company. It starter in Doug's parents garage in mid 80's. Today, the company represents one of the most loved toy manufacturers out there. Melissa and Doug toys are typically made out of baby friendly materials (i.e. soft wood), and very rarely, if ever, from plastics. We own many Melissa and Doug toys in our household. The first thing that one notices about their toys is an exceptional level of quality. Natural looking design is, also, very appealing to kids and adults. Ergonomically speaking, edges are smoothly curved, which is another important aspect when selecting toys for the little ones. All in all, Melissa and Doug toys have a great deal of reputation in the market, and belong to a narrow circle of the most trusted toy manufacturers among parents.

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