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Shape Sequence Sorting Set


: Shape Sorting Toys

Melissa & Doug Shape Sequence Sorting Set Review
This wooden sorting blocks toy set consists of eighteen colorful wooden blocks and a large wooden frame, which serves as a base to stack onto. Shape Sequence Sorting Set combines color, shape and size recognition, as the blocks are being sorted into matching groups and organized accordingly on the board. The wooden sorting blocks are made out of exceptionally fine wood. At first, our son only enjoyed matching shapes and colors, as size matching realization came a few months later. Overall, this toy is of exceptional quality and value. In my opinion, this is one of the best sorting toys out there. This sorting toy is another great product of Melissa and Doug.

Sorting Toy Learning Ideas
Shape Sequence Sorting toy is targeting early math skills development. Simultaneous color and size matching of this sorting toy will stimulate and challenge little brains. It is important to keep talking, explaining and counting as you lead them through matching, sorting and stacking sequence.

Fun Things To Do
Before you introduce the entire board to your baby, I suggest playing with wooden stacking blocks first. The first lesson is to get them to understand how shapes fit into each other. Once they master that, you can pull out the board and add another challenge to the learning journey.

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