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Sesame Street Toys For Kids

Sesame Street Toys Overivew
Ever since our little one saw Sesame Street on Netflix, Elmo and friends have "permanently moved" into our household. The very next day he noticed little figurines on the shelf of Target. From that day on, we have been collecting The Sesame Street memorabilia. Sesame Street is a popular, educational, TV show for kids. Elmo and friends engage in various adventures, which usually involve learning about some common life topic.

Educational, Fun and Entertaining
Numbers counting, potty training, helping in the kitchen, reading books, brushing teeth, taking baths, cutting nails, singing, dancing, cleaning, eating healthy foods, and nicely playing with friends are just some of the topics covered on the Sesame Street. It is interesting to how our little Bean mimics these topics when playing with little figurines, Elmo blocks, or Super Grover 2.0. He is frequently playing out certain scenes from the Sesame Street TV show. It is fascinating to see him create his own Sesame Street world with his Sesame Street toys for kids. In conclusion, Sesame Street toys have a great potential to spark imaginative role playing in kids. I love their ergonomically friendly designs and bright colors.
Favorite Sesame Street Toy
Our son's favorite Sesame Street toy is definitely Sesame Street Neighborhood Playset. He enjoys playing with these cute little figurines very much. "The Friends", as he like to call them, are paired up with many other toys from his toy collection. They are frequently sliding down car ramps, driving trucks around the house, playing in the garden, helping him build constructions from play blocks, etc. If you are thinking about getting only one Sesame Street toy for your little one, I am strongly recommending you consider the Sesame Street Neighborhood Playset. Elmo's Alphabet Blocks and Flying Super Grover 2.0 are, also, a lot of fun to play with. I provided more details on all three of these toys in individual toy review sections below.



Sesame Street Neighborhood Playset is our son's favorite Sesame Street toy. The street-like arrangement can be folded into a two-story building with an entrance door on each side. If folded, the playset can be easily carried around. We take it with us on all our trips. The trickiest part about this toy is collecting all the characters. Unfortunately, most of them are sold separately, but all can be found on Amazon. I posted some links below this section, check them out. I found some characters in Target (Abby Cadabby, Rosita, Von Count, Elmo), but you will not be able to find them all there. We found Super Grover and his firetruck at Kohl's, so you might want to check there too. Some characters can be found in Walmart. Just so that you know, Snuffleupagus and Big Bird are the hardest ones to find. Naturally, they will be the most expensive among all Sesame Street figurines. We were lucky and found the play house at Costco. It came with eight figurines. Apparently that was a special deal, as the play house usually comes with 2 figurines.


This cute alphabet toy contains seven colorful blocks and a talking Elmo from the Sesame Street TV show. Each block easily slides into Elmo's hands, at which point Elmo's voice is activated and he identifies the letter, sound and picture on the block.He will also sing an alphabet song, or one other song that is fun to sing and dance along with. Elmo will interact with kids through over 175 facts, phrases and questions, which makes this toy a lot of fun to play with. It is recommended for children between ages two and four, which has been in line with our experience. We tried introducing it to our son before he was two years old. He was not that interested, since he was getting frustrated as he could not place the blocks correctly in place. This toy is a learning tool, and it is utilized through repetition. Although there are over 175 sounds in it, you might eventually get bored by repeating songs and phrases. However, your little one will always enjoy it.




Sesame Street has its super hero. His name is Super Grover! This Sesame Street toy features a lot of fun flying sounds, which are activated by either moving it around, or by pressing Super Grover's belt button. Super Grover will position his arms and the head in the direction in which he is flying, or better say, the direction in which he is being flown around. This is probably one of the best role playing toys we have in our house for our two-year old son. He loved holding Super Grover 2.0 in his lap when riding in a car. The toy is fairly tall and a bit heavy. Super Grover is standing at about 15 inches and weighs almost 2 pounds. Therefore, it might be too bulky for kids under the age of two. This Sesame Street toy is enhancing child's motor skills and cognitive development. Finally, I would not recommend taking this toy outside, since cleaning it might be a bit challenging. On the other hand, every super hero must get some dirt on his costume to get the job done! This super hero does require batteries.
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