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Did You Know?
  • Babies are born to smile. Research with blind babies clearly indicates that smiling is not just a "copied" function.
  • During the first three months of their life, babies can focus on objects which are only 12 inches out. This is the perfect distance to see mother's face while feeding.
  • Babies develop tears during first 4 months. Since tears contain stress hormones, crying actually releases some stress.
  • Babies can not taste salt until they are 4 months old, which is related to the process of kidney development.
  • Babies have 46% more bones than adults! Over time, their bones will fuse into each other, resulting in less bones as adults.
  • Newborn vision is only 20/400. By six months, baby vision will usually reach perfect score 20/20!
  • Every 3 seconds, a baby is born... [READ MORE]
How To Choose A Baby Name?
Naming your baby should be very well planned process. Your little one will carry that name for the rest of his or her life, so take your time in choosing one. You might consider searching for ideas through databases, such as "100 Unique Names" or "100 Most Popular Names". The most important thing is not to "settle" for the first name that comes your way. In addition, pay attention to pronunciation, spelling and initials. When it comes to choosing the finalist, one strategy that I found to be effective is to have one parent narrow the choices down to two to four names. Then, the other parent makes the final choice. The most popular boy name in the US for 2012 was Jacob, while the girl name popularity title went to Sophia... [READ MORE]
List Of All Vitamins And Their Benefits
Understanding benefits of each vitamin is crucial for good health, as they are responsible for regulation of metabolism and tissue growth. They, also, serve the function of antioxidants and precursors for enzyme co-factors. As they are used in multiple reactions, most of them have multiple functions. Here is the most comprehensive list of all vitamins and their benefits... [READ MORE]
Baby Sign Language Dictionary
Baby sign language is one of the most effective communication tools for infants. Research shows that the sign language is most effective between ages eight months and two years, when children start to be aware of their feelings, wants and needs. It is easy to imagine how the sign language can bridge the communication gap during this critical period of infant and toddler's development. There are about 600 common signs... [READ MORE]

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