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Play Kitchen for Kids and Toddlers with Accessories

Pretend Play
Kids love to imitate their parents. This is one of the most important aspects of child's early development. Playing out roles of adults is almost always child-led activity and it develops spontaneously during toddler stage. Regardless of toys that kids play with, role playing will take place. Having pretend play toys around, such as, kitchen set, will further stimulate kid's imagination and improve quality of the play.
Play Kitchen With Accessories Review
We bought play kitchen for our son's second birthday. For a few months prior to his birthday, every time we went to a play date at a house that had a play kitchen, he would spend a good deal of time playing with it. I looked at several play kitchens and found this one had everything we were looking for and looks similar to the kitchen in our house. It has a sink, stove, knobs that turn and click, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven, dishwasher, hooks to hang utensils or dishes, a shelf, and towel bar. There is a real chalk board/memo board on the freezer and a pretend ice dispenser on the refrigerator door. There is also a pretend phone that the Bean really enjoys using. This kitchen is small enough that it doesn't take over our whole house, but large enough that Bean will be able to use it for years to come. I like the fact that the buttons for the appliances are realistic looking, but don't actually make noise. It is nice to have to use one's imagination for these things sometimes, as so many toys light up and make sounds. Assembling Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen is not an easy task. I suggest you be prepared to invest a couple hours of work in this project. It took almost one whole afternoon for my husband to put it together. He half jokingly says that that each Kidkraft Uptown Kitchen element contains as many pieces as the real kitchen element. Luckily, the assembly instruction set, which comes with it, is very well written and contains a lot of detailed drawings. In the end, seeing our little one play with his new kitchen set was worth the time to assemble it.
This wooden set features a storage crate, seven colorful sliceable fruits and a knife. When it comes to this type of toys, two most important things are the quality of wood that they are made of and durability of Velcro. Melissa & Doug toys are known for good quality, and this toy is not exception. Wooden cutting fruit crate perfectly slides into Kidkraft Uptown Kitchen described above. The wooden tray is extremely well designed and manufactured. This cutting crate set is recommended for kids of three and up, although our son started playing with it when he was two years old.

The wooden pizza set by Melissa and Doug features six slices of pizza, three different toppings, pizza cutting knife, and a wooden tray. Each of the three toppings has 18 pieces, which is totaling in 54 toppings. Slices are connected with long lasting Velcro. The entire wooden pizza set is well made, and of exceptional quality. That is the case with almost all Doug & Melissa toys and toy sets. Compared with other wooden food sets, the pizza set has much more potential for pretend play. For example, we often have our little one make us a personal pizza, bake it, deliver to Sesame Street table, and cut up in slices.


Every kitchen has pots and pans. So does this one! This set is as real as it gets. Our son spent a lot of time cooking for us. The best thing about this cookware set is that it fits perfectly with the Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen, since both are made by the same manufacturer. The cookware set features two metal pans, one metal pot, one metal spatula, one metal ladle, two pieces of broccoli, one chicken leg, one carrot and one egg. As soon as it is pulled from the box, it is ready for for us - zero assembly required. The pot and pans fit nicely on the stove of the kitchen, while spatula and ladle perfectly fit above the stove.
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