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Plan Toys Stacking Rings



Category: Stacking Toys

Plan Toys Stacking Rings Review
This is a popular traditional stacking toy for babies and toddlers. Plan Toys Stacking Rings is made out of recycled rubber wood in Thailand. What makes this stacking toy stand out from competition is the number of rings, which increases play and educational versatility.

Additional Ring
Typically, stacking toys consists of four or five stacking rings, as you can see from the product list reviewed in this section. Plan Toy added sixth ring, which means additional color and size, to its product.

Out Of Order Stacking Possibility
This traditional wooden stacking toy consists of six colorful stacking rings, stacking base, and the collapsible central rod. Unlike many other toys from this category, the central rod allows for any order of stacking, regardless of ring size and relative position on the rod.

Toy Dimensions: 3.2 x 3.2 x 6.1 inches

Age Recommendation
This toy is recommended by manufacturer for toddlers age of 2 and all the way to 4 years old. 

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