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Parenting Essentials

Did You Know?
  • Teething can start, as early, as three months
  • Babies will start recognizing words around 10 months
  • Recent research shows that baby's self-awareness develops around 12 months
  • The brain will reach its full size by kindergarten, however, its full development will continue through mid 20's
  • On average, men take one minute and twenty six seconds to change a diaper, while women get the job done in two minutes
  • The only thing that is proven to raise baby's IQ is - you talking to and playing with your baby
  • Constantly having the TV or music in the background makes it harder for babies to pick up language and distinguish the voices around them
  • Toddlers generally do not like loud bangs (i.e. fireworks) because their ears are superior, compared to adults, when it comes to picking up higher frequencies
  • Keep in mind that kids learn more about behavior by watching adults than in any other known way
My Advice Regarding Babies and Sleep
First, if baby is healthy and gaining weight do not wake him up during the night. Second, encourage your partner to put baby to sleep once a week. Third, establish and follow a bedtime routine. Do what works for your family to allow everyone to get as much rest as needed or is possible. For us, co sleeping allowed me to get more sleep. Try putting your baby to bed somewhere... [READ MORE]
Breastfeeding Essentials
Before getting pregnant I knew that I wanted to breast feed any children I might have. My main motivation was that it is healthiest for babies and I want to give my baby the best I can. There are numerous health benefits from breast milk that even the healthiest formula cannot match... [READ MORE]
How To Bath Your Baby
Until the umbilical cord falls off, it is best to give baby a sponge bath. Soap is not necessary. Wrap the baby in a towel, starting from the head down and just unwrap the area you need to wipe off. Babies do not like to be cold and feel safer when they are dressed and snugly... [READ MORE]
Transitioning To Solid Foods
It is a good idea to delay giving your baby solid food until around six months of age. Some babies might not be ready for solids until later than six months. A baby should be sitting up on her own. Another sign your baby might be ready is that she is very interested in your food... [READ MORE]
I Love You Rituals: Bedtime Routine
A bedtime routine is a set of consistent procedures performed at about the same time each evening that provide consistency and signal to your baby's brain that it is time to sleep. Babies spend the day taking in unbelievably large amounts of new information. Developing routines provides predictability and helps baby feel safe. A bedtime routine signals baby... [READ MORE]
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