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Nursing - Interesting Facts About Breastfeeding

Interesting Facts About Nursing And Breastfeeding
When it comes to nursing and breastfeeding, there are a plenty scientific and health facts to be considered.
  • In babies, breastfeeding is associated with 20% to 40% lower risk of diabetes, up to 50% lower risk of sudden infant death syndrome, and 72% reduced risk of lower respiratory tract disease. 
  • Did you know that breastfed babies have 15% to 19% less chance of developing leukemia? 
  • For breastfed babies, the risk of acute ear inflection falls by an astonishing 50%! 
  • In mothers, breastfeeding is associated with 28% to 50% lower risk of breast cancer. 
  • Mothers who breastfed have 21% less chance of developing ovarian cancer. 
  • Environmentally speaking, breastfeeding reduces packaging, production and marketing waste. 
  • Four most common and time-tested breastfeeding positions are: cradle, cross-over, football and the reclining position.
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