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Some Babies Will Nap Only While Being Held

Some Babies Will Nap Only While Being Held
Our baby sleeping habits have been less than desirable and baby nap time sometimes was, and still is, a struggle. How to get baby to sleep has been big dilemma in our household for a long time. When our son, Bean, was between newborn and four months old, I tried to lay him down in his rocker-sleeper or in his co-sleeper, but he would only sleep for 20 minutes or would wake up right away if I laid him down. Most naps were taken with Bean on my husband's or my chest or while being worn in the Moby wrap or in the baby carrier. Basically, my baby sleeping habits, or better say napping habits, were associated with my napping baby being held. When he was about 4 months, he went through a phase when I could have said that my baby wont sleep - period. The Bean has always been a very aware baby. He doesn't want to miss out on anything, which sometimes contributes to him not wanting to nap, even when very tired. Sometimes I wonder if growth spurts, or the development of new skills, contributed to the episodes of my baby not sleeping?

Getting Baby To Sleep
Getting baby to sleep is one of the main struggles for most parents. Sometimes the choices of how to get baby to sleep will be made for you by your baby sleeping habits. Luckily, baby sleeping habits can be modified over time through various baby sleep training techniques. A technique of "napping baby being held" is usually not a baby sleep training strategy of choice, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do just to solve the problem of baby not sleeping. On the other hand, remember that napping baby while held will enable stronger connection between parent and baby. Accepting the fact that some babies will nap only while being held is important first step in understanding baby sleep training associated with solving the problem of how to get baby to sleep.
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