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Interesting Facts About Napping In Babies And Toddlers

Interesting Facts About Napping In Babies and Toddlers
  • A full nap should last for, at least, 45 minutes. Anything less than that is too short, and it will not be effective.
  • Make napping conditions in your baby's bedroom consistent. 
  • During daylight hours, it is recommended to keep things stimulating and active for your baby. Try to play with her a lot, and as much as you can. 
  • Toddlers should not take naps too close to bedtime, as they may make it harder for them to fall asleep at night. 
  • Common signs of tiredness in babies include: rubbing eyes, yawning, looking away from you, and fussing. 
  • Realistically, you should expect the first few months of your baby’s life to be filled with unpredictable and sporadic sleep. Exercise extreme patience.
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