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How To Establish Baby Bath Routine

Establishing Daily Bathing Routine
As I mentioned in bathing frequency section, once the little one starts crawling, a baby bath every other day or every day is probably in order. We started giving our son daily baths around six months. I only washed him with soap every other day until he started crawling and getting dirty. In general, getting in the bath tub is part of our night bedtime routine and we wanted to be consistent.

Importance Of Bathing Routine
Remember this, kids love routines. Anytime you can introduce a well planned routine into your child's life, do so. Predictable outcomes is what makes kids feel safe. They thrive on safety, and fear chaos. Bathing routine could be a perfect example of well structured predictable routine.

What Should Bathing Routine Consist Of?
Our bathing routine consists of three segments: before bath, bath, after bath activities. Before we enter the bath area, we remind our son that bath will performed in a few minutes. We do this so that he can start finishing whatever he is currently doing, which is usually playing. This way we avoid frustration on his end. I strongly recommend doing this. Then, we gather all bath supplies together and enter the bath area. He usually plays one last game, which consists of running down the hallway a couple of times, as my husband takes one piece of Bean's clothes every time he makes a run. Then, my husband takes out son to the bathroom, where I start the bathing process. I wash my son always in the same sequence: face, hands, feet and body. Once I am done with washing, we play together with bath toys for a few minutes. Bean loves to play with his toys in the bathtub. After we finish playing, I wrap my son into one of his favorite towels. I put baby skin lotion on him, apply detangler spray, and calm his hair.
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