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Eating Solid Foods

When Should I Start Feeding My Baby Solids?
As a general guide, it is a good idea to delay giving your baby solid food until around six months of age. Keep in mind that some babies might not be ready for solids until later than six months. When a baby starts eating solid foods, she should be comfortably sitting and fully supporting herself in a chair. Another sign your baby might be ready is that she is very interested in your food as she is looking at it, watching you eat, and grabbing from your plate. Before the age of six months, you will notice your baby has a tongue-thrust reflex in which the tongue protrudes outward rather than back. This works to protect baby from choking, but makes eating solid food difficult. Furthermore, babies’ intestines and swallowing mechanisms need time to mature.

Eating Solids, Food Allergies, and Longer Sleep
There is some evidence to suggest delaying solid foods until six months or older may reduce food allergies. Some parents look at solid foods for other potential benefits, such as, longer lasting sleep. Contrary to popular belief and wishful thinking, giving your baby cereal in his bottle will not make him sleep longer. In conclusion, when one should start feeding baby solids is a personal decision. However, based on research that exists today, it seems that solids could be introduced around six months of age.

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