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Dinosaur Figures Toys For Kids

Finding Dinosaur Toys For Appropriate Ages
When looking for dinosaurs figures, the most important thing is to match a particular toy with appropriate kid’s age. Dinosaur’s figures come in a variety of sizes, reality like features, and colors. They can be as small as a couple of inches. On the other hand, some dinosaur toys are a couple of feet tall, if not taller. Dinosaur toys also differ in the level of realistic depiction of these prehistoric creatures. Some dinosaur figures are made in more cartoon-like style, so to speak, which typically appeals more to smaller kids. On the other hand, some more sophisticated dinosaur toys look very realistic. Finally, there is a color element to the toy. Sometimes, toys are painted in very bright colors, which tend to appeal to smaller kids. More realistic, natural colors are applied usually to more sophisticated dinosaur toys. In this section, I selected a few most popular dinosaur figure toys for different age groups and phases of early child development.

As the name would suggest it, Jumbo Dinosaurs by Learning Resources are fairly big dinosaur figures; some are almost one foot tall, which opens up the field for many different age groups. This durable plastic set comes with a handy box to carry figure toys in it and it contains the following dinosaurs: Raptor, T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops. These prehistoric creatures have very realistic look, yet they are painted in somewhat vivid colors to appeal toddlers and younger kids. Manufacturer age recommendation is three and up.



Safari LTD makes many different fun figure sets, and one of them is dinosaur toy set. We bought this set for our son when he was two years old, although manufacturer age recommendation is three and up. In the retrospect, I think three and up is probably appropriate age to play with these dinosaur figurine toys. Ten toy dinosaurs are made out of fine plastic, nicely sculpted, hand painted, and are between two and three inches tall. Considering the number of figurines and price, this beginners toy set represents great value.

Dinosaur toys from this set come straight from Dinosaur Train by Jim Henson. These toys are much more animated and cartoon like than the previous two sets I covered in this section. Each toy has its own character to it, which in itself can easily inspire imaginative role playing. On the other hand, this toy set, combined with Dr. Scott Sampson paleontology PBS show, can be a great learning tool for preschoolers. This versatile age application makes the toy set very valuable. Some of Dinosaur Train Jurassic dinosaur toys are twelve inches tall.
Dinosaur Figures Toys For Kids Overview 
Most kids, at some point, love playing with dinosaur toys and dinosaur figures. There are many reasons why these ancient creatures are so popular among kids. Playing with dinosaurs is extremely exciting. Their bodies are massive, strong, and unlike any other live creature on planet Earth today. Being a kid, it is very easy to start imagining what would be like to see real dinosaurs in action. Imagination is very important part of early child development, and playing with this type of toys definitely sparks it more, and further. Also, it is important to mention overall educational aspect of these toys and interaction with them. This is the most fun way to start learning about Earth’s prehistory, and the world that existed millions of years ago. Some of these extremely sophisticated toys, such as, Pleo Dinosaur, will impress even adults. I posted here interesting Ted's talk on Pleo toys.
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