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Why Choose Cloth Diapers For Babies

Why Choose Baby Cloth Diapers?
Before my son was born, I contemplated using disposable diapers, or cloth diapers for babies. I read somewhere that the plastic in a disposable baby diaper did not allow proper and sufficient airflow, which was found to increase scrotum temperature. Some research shows that this could be a cause of rising infertility in males. Needless to say, a pregnant woman can find a lot to worry about. I started looking into cloth diapers for babies and discovered one usually puts a diaper cover over a baby cloth diaper, which would also raise baby’s body temperature. As I started to learn more about baby diapers in general, I became more concerned about all the chemicals in disposable diapers that would be right against my son’s skin than about scrotum temperature and a possible risk of infertility. I discovered that disposable diapers contain dioxins, which are a byproduct of the process used to bleach diapers white. Dioxins are highly carcinogenic and may cause damage to the liver, immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, and reproductive system. A disposable baby diaper may, also, contain sodium polyacrylate, which can cause respiratory problems. In addition, disposable diapertypically contain tributyl-tin, a polluting chemical that does not degrade, which can trigger genes that promote the growth of fat cells. Also, found in disposable baby diapers are volatile organic compounds (VOCS) that can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, liver and kidney damage, central nervous system damage and are linked to cancer. Disposable diapers, also, usually contain petrochemicals, which are known to disrupt hormone systems. All in all, the list of harmful disposable diapers' side effects goes on and on. From the above analysis, it seems natural that one would, as least, consider a cloth diaper for babies as an alternative to disposable diapering. It seems that time spent on researching the diaper topic and delivering adequate analysis would be time well spent.
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