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Best Toy Car Ramps For Kids

Best Toy Car Ramps For Kids
Toy car ramps, and toy cars in general, can be a lot of fun for the little ones. Toy car ramp designs range from simple beginners ramps to more complex and sophisticated toy car ramps and tracks. Beginner toy car ramps are usually built as a straight line slopped surfaces. The concept of letting cars slide down the ramp is fairly quickly understood and embraced by one and two year old kids. In the beginning, our son would hold his toy car and drive it down his toy car ramp. Later on, he learned to just let it go and watch it speed up down the toy car ramp on its own. When he was 14 months, Santa brought him a more fancy toy car ramp: Little People Wheelies. I featured this toy in the section below. He was excited to run the cars down two separate tracks, move the car elevator, and pull the sound lever. This colorful toy held his attention for, at least, a couple of years. Even at the age of three, he would still occasionally play with it. As his imaginative play progressed, he adopted many different variations of little car adventures.




This fun toy car ramp successfully incorporates several familiar elements of other Fisher Price toy car structures. The colorful car toy ramp features two roller coaster ramps: 360 degree loop track and the swirly track. The full loop ride is activated by a push button, which release a toy car down the ramp. This ride is the highlight of this toy car ramp. In addition to two great tracks, the toy car ramp also features: mirror, ticket booth, movable flags, and a food stand. Needless to say, there is a plenty of entertainment in this toy for a couple of kids, which is a good news for families with two toddlers. Fisher Price Wheelies Loops 'n Swoops Amusement Park is about 2 feet tall and it requires 3 AA batteries, although the toy can work in a soundless mode even without batteries. The batteries are required only for sound and light effects. Finally, when properly powered, the toy car ramp produces a few fun songs.


Santa brought this track to our son when he was 14 months old. This colorful toy car ramp has two tracks built into it. Each toy car ramp nicely spirals around the truck structure creating great deal of anticipation and excitement among little ones. At the bottom of each racing track there is a finish line feature. One track ends with sound trigger, gas pump and a short slide down ramp, which the other racing truck ends with a small spin plate. Our son loves to slide toy cars down the ramps and use the little side elevator to raise and lower toy cars. When comes to assembly, this toy is fairly easy to assemble. It consists of eleven clearly labeled truck parts, and five accessories parts, which include two balconies, top ramp, lift for cars, and the side elevator. Just like in all other Fisher Price Little People Wheelies, small toy cars are interchangeable. This toy requires 3AA batteries, but the toy car ramp can be used in a silent mode even when it is not powered.



This is a very exciting and cool toy for toddlers. When unfolded, this colorful toy is over 2 feet long. Once the starting gate is lifted, two cars rush down the ramp with a racing sound in a background. The bottom of the ramp can be slightly elevated (green portion), so the cars jump as they zoom through the finish line. The toy features a pit stop fuel pump, and a two-car garage. Once kids are done playing, the toy nicely folds. Cars are safely stored inside. Since the toy is so easy to assemble and pack, we took it to many play-dates. Although the toy comes with a "18+ months" label, our little one started playing with it when he was one. It requires 2AA batteries. Show your toddler how to adjust the bottom track height (green portion of the track on the picture) from slightly elevated to flat. Cars will stop performing jumps at the finish line. See if he or she will be interested in tinkering and experimenting with it.
Car Ramp Toys Main Features 
There are several areas and decision criteria that one should examine before purchasing toy car ramps. I briefly explained each of the them in the text below. One year old toddlers will be perfectly fine with a simple and relatively short toy car ramp. On the other hand, two year toddlers will be on a lookout for more sophisticated toys, which can keep them interested and entertained for longer period of time.
  • Length - Ramp’s length directly plays into this criteria. Older kids tend to enjoy playing with more inclined and faster ramps, while kids under one or two years old can be fully entertained with less inclined ramps. 
  • Colors – As with any other toy, age preference will dictate toy’s colors and the overall look. Older kids are looking for more realistic look, while young kids are OK with pure cartoon like toys. 
  • Cars - Ideally, toy car ramp will be accompanied with a variety of small cars. Our son have never gotten into car collecting, but I can see how some kids enjoy that part too. Fisher Price ramp systems have a significant number of matching car toys that either come with the ramp, or can be purchased separately. 
  • Accessories - When it comes to accessories, ramps usually have sound, visual or mechanical effects built into them.
  • Assembly - As the level of sophistication rises, assembly complexity increases. Fortunately, even the most complex ramps should not be that hard to assemble. It took us less than 15 minutes to assemble each of our toy car ramps. The toy parts usually easily snap into each other.
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