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Bruder Construction And Service Vehicle Toys For Kids

Bruder Construction Toys For Kids
Bruder features sophisticated service vehicle and construction site toys for kids. Most of their construction site toys are designed for three years and up. However, our son started playing with Bruder trucks and machines when he was two years old. We have five of their toys: skid steer loader, backhoe, telenhandler, dump truck and a construction worker figurine. When purchasing Bruder construction site toys keep in mind that they are not designed for heavy abuse, so the age label of three and up is accurate. Also, these fascinating construction site toys and service vehicle toys are not cheap, so I would purchase them only after my toddler is ready to really play with them. The quality of Bruder construction site toys is unmatched by any other toy manufacturer out there. Trucks, skid loaders, backhoes, and other service vehicles are astonishingly accurate replicas of the real machines. I posted some pictures of our son's Bruder toys here. You can see how machines stack up against each other in terms of size. Every toy is scaled perfectly to the real construction site machine (1:16). The construction worker perfectly fits in each machine, which adds to the real life feel.

Six Reasons Why We Love Bruder Construction Site Toys
There are many reasons why we love Bruder toys for kids. I have listed six main selling points for us:
  • Quality - Bruder trucks and other construction vehicles are made out of high quality plastics and rubber. 
  • Real life look - Almost all Bruder toys for kids are 1:16 perfectly scaled to real life construction and service vehicles, various accessories, and workers.
  • Durability - Bruder construction toys are made to last. Generally speaking, they are designed to take a decent level of abuse.
  • Ergonomics - Backhoe, skid loader, dump truck, telehandler and other construction vehicles have smooth edges and the overall design is smooth.
  • Consistency - Bruder toys are designed with a great deal consistency. In other words, if you lined them up next to each other, no toy will stand out due to disproportion, unrealistic colors, or poor design.
  • Accessories - Bruder construction toys come with a variety of accessories, which include tools, road signs, workers, etc.
  • To learn more about Bruder toys, please visit the company's official web site:
  • You can follow Bruder on Facebook

Bruder Caterpillar Skid Loader is the first Bruder construction site toy we got for our son Bean. This skid loader is a perfect replica of the real thing. It weighs somewhere around one pound, and it stretches about nine inches. The wheels are very smooth, front bucket can be raised and tilted, and the driver cabin perfectly accommodates Bruder worker man. This toy is perfectly scaled against all other Bruder construction toys for toddlers and kids. [Read My Review]

This is one my favorite construction site toys. Bruder backhoe is fully operational and mobile on both sides: front and back. Driver's seat can be rotated, so that Bruder worker man can easily operate the construction site machine on each end. To build this toy, just like any other Bruder toy, the manufacturer did not use any glue or screws. All parts perfectly slide and fit into each other. [Read My Review

In my opinion, Bruder Mack Granite dump truck toy for toddlers is one of the best toys in its category: dump truck toys. This highly sophisticated and extremely well built ten-pound dump truck toy looks as real as it gets. I will definitely caution you when it comes to age recommendation for this toy. We introduced it to our son early, but be aware that the toy is fairly delicate, so if you are buying for one or two year old toddlers, make sure you are overseeing his or her play. [Read My Review]

MAN Fire Engine truck is another realistic service vehicle toy made by german company Bruder. Some of the fire truck toy features include: fully rotational telescopic arm, actual water spraying hose, fire truck sound box, real life looking lights, and high quality ABS plastics. To be fully operational, this fire truck toy requires two AAA batteries. However, even without power, this toy is one of the best among all fire truck toys out there. [Read My Review]

Bruder construction worker is a cute little toy figurine. Upon closer examination, you will quickly realize that this is not an ordinary toy figurine. Highly flexible in its joints, real life looking, precisely painted, and extremely well designed, this 8oz toy perfectly fits in all Bruder construction site and service vehicles. It is precisely scaled to "slide" into any vehicle's seat. In addition, due to its great mobile design, it can be bent into a perfect driving posture. [Read My Review]

Our son got Bruder CAT Telehandler as a present from friends of ours when he was two and half years old. For this toy, I feel the timing could not be better, as Bean was old enough to start manipulating simple mechanisms. Bruder Telehandler toy has three such mechanisms, or better say, nobs. Three cleverly installed nobs control the following toy vehicle functionalities: rising and lowering telescopic arm, rotating toy's four-wheel system, and tilting the bucket. Kids who love construction site will be head over heels for this masterpiece. [Read My Review]

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