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Brilliant Basics Rock-A-Stack Stacking Toy



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Brilliant Basics Rock-A-Stack Stacking Toy Review
No crazy electronics here - back to basic classic baby stacking toy. This stacking toy for babies will bring a lot fun to your baby. After sorting and stacking five rings, a baby can then bat at the base to watch it rock back and forth. Five bright basic colors, shiny fun reflections and swirling beads greatly stimulate baby's senses. Our little one loved to play with Brilliant Basic Rock a Stack. This stacking toy is designed and manufactured by Fisher Price. This hands on toy is targeting to enhance a sense of touch and motor skills in babies and toddlers. Strengthening eye-hand coordination is another benefit of playing with this colorful stacking toy. The stacking toy is fairly light, as it weighs only 12 ounces. The soft plastic material is very easy to clean and maintain.

Stacking Toy Learning Ideas
As you assemble parts in front of your baby, keep telling her which colors the stacking rings are. Also, try to describe the size of each ring in respect to the other rings. Keep in mind that learning in babies starts much sooner than talking, so it is never too early to start teaching them. This toy was featured in Best Baby Toys Under $10.

Fun things to do
The baby stacking rings toy is designed to develop motor skills. Once your baby starts stacking the rings herself, try stacking rings in the wrong order. It won't take lone before your baby will start picking up on it, and correct you. Another idea is to put aside one of the stacking rings before you start playing and stacking the remaining rings with your baby. See how quickly she will notice something is missing. Stacking and balancing rings on top of each other without the central piece is another fun activity.

Fisher Price is a popular toy manufacturer. To learn more about this company, and to stay up-to-date with their latest toy collections, I provided a few useful links below:

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