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Nursing - What Is The Right Breastfeeding Frequency

What Is The Best Breastfeeding Frequency?
How often should babies nurse? For some reason, I thought babies should nurse every three hours, so I followed that routine. The first couple weeks I watched the clock and nursed our son Bean every three hours. However, sometimes he would become fussy or cry in between feedings. It occurred to me he may be hungry sooner than every three hours and I began to nurse him on demand. I let him decided when he was hungry. He was a much happier fellow! Babies occasionally go through growth spurts, and during those time periods they require more energy, or better say, more food. During his growth spurts Bean nursed as often as every hour. Compare that breastfeeding frequency with his typical three-hour feeding schedule, and you will realize how dramatically and drastically things can change, and practically on a dime.
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