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Best Wooden Train Sets

Best Wooden Train Sets Criteria 
When it comes wooden train sets, there are plenty of attractive choices in the market. I researched and reviewed the best wooden train sets for kids that money can buy. My selection criteria took into account the following parameters: compatibility with other set, interchangeability of accessories, wood quality, train track alignment, paint quality, and design layout.

Which Wooden Train Set Is The Best?
Since the track design and shape are universal, the train base can be considered as a commodity. It will not significantly differ from one track to another. What does make a difference are accessories, size of the set and the price. So, to answer the question which wooden train is the best, one has to examine attractivness of accessories, space required to construct the set, and the price. One's goal is to purchase the set that fully or closely matches his or her needs, so that subsequent and additional purchases of separate accessories are minimized. Several wooden train sets in the table below offer tons of great, colorful and easy to assemble accessories.
Orbrium Toys designed sturdy and attractive train set for kids, which is fully compatible with all major train sets. This wooden train set features several great accessories, which include: police cruiser, buses, ambulance cars, road signs, buildings, post office, figurines, and trees. The set is made out of beech wood.
Kidkraft train set for kids features great accessories, such as, airport, airplane, mountain with waterfalls, colorful houses, easy-to-pack box, and many other standard figurines. This attractive variety of unique accessories is what makes this set attractive. Kidkraft wooden train set perfectly fits Brio, Thomas Railway Chunggington, and all other universal wooden train sets for kids.  
What would a wooden toy be without Melissa and Doug? This popular toy brand ventured into this highly commoditized market with a clever and creative train set design. High quality wood, fairly unique accessories, and a wide verity of colorful structures, are the main traits of this wooden train set for kids. As with all other sets reviewed in this section, Melissa and Doug train set is fully compatible with all other standard brands.
Thomas wooden railway is one of the most imaginative sets in the market. With its grand structures, ramps and cranes, this multi-level set most closely matches, depicts, and follows Thomas storyline. Fully compatible with all standard wooden sets, Thomas wooden railway features several different layout configuration, which will provide a great deal of opportunity for independent play.
Maxim Enterprise wooden train set is all about numerous smaller accessories, which opens the door for virtually infinite number of configurations and layouts. Farm animals can be transported with the train, while all train engines and cars fit nicely under the bridge. As you can see from the picture, this 100% hardwood set features a lot of colorful and practical accessories for hours of imaginative play.
Brio Deluxe railway set is almost a category of its own. This set is, indeed, deluxe. This multi-level wooden set features the most amazing accessories, train designs, and layout configurations. Brio Deluxe is all about details, quality and durability. Although somewhat more expensive than other sets, I feel that this is the most complete wooden train set of all.  It is hard to imagine one would need more accessories than what is included with the original railway toy set.
Chuggington is a well known brand in this particular market segment. The wooden railway set is one of the largest and most durable in its category. However, some of its large structures cost, as much as entire train sets of other manufacturers, which makes Chuggington one of the most expensive wooden train brands. This wooden train will provide a lot of fun-filled, imaginative, playing experience for the little ones.  
Conductor Carl brings us a complete, affordable and high quality wooden train set. This particular brand has focused all its energy on this niche market, which is why most of their accessories have unique design. For a starter set, with an intention of expending it via purchasing separate accessories, this wooden train set is a valid option.
Bigjigs Toys is another brand which focused its energy solely on the wooden train market segment. This train set is as unique and imaginative as it gets. It features multi-level train track system, tall supper columns, bridges, and even construction site machines. Bigjigs Toys tends to design complete train sets, which typically do not require many additional accessories.
Fisher Price focused on fancy bridges, large supporting structures, colorful buildings and great looking trains. Their train sets are typically limited to a couple of configurations due to low number of track components. If you are looking for more train track building, you will be looking at purchasing train track expansion packs.
Wooden Train Set Name Overall Quality Accessories Affordability Popularity Overall Grade
 1 Orbrium Toys Wooden Train Set Average B+ A Medium B-
 2 Kidkraft Train Set Good A A High
 3 Melissa & Doug Wooden Train Set Excellent B- A High A-
 4 Thomas Wooden Railway Set Excellent B+ B+ Low B+
 5 Maxim Enterprise Inc Wooden Train Set Average B B Low
 6 Brio Deluxe Railway Set Good B C+ Low B-
 7 Chunggington Wooden Railway Set Excellent A C+ Low
 8 Conductor Carl Wooden Train Set Average A- B+ High
 9 Bigjigs Toys Train Set Good A- B+ Low
 10 Fisher Price Wooden Railway Set Good A- B- Medium
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