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Best Twin Strollers Under $300

Best Twin Strollers Under $300
Considering their overall size and design, multi-rider strollers are generally more expensive than single strollers. Finding affordable twin stroller is a challenging task, so I invested some time researching potential options. I limited my search on best twin strollers under $300. Twin strollers are sometimes referred to as tandem strollers, or multi-rider strollers.

How To Select Twin Stroller?
There are several factors which should be taken into consideration before purchasing twin strollers. The features of interest include: weight, maximum weight capacity, seat locking mechanism, breaking system, seat quality, wheels, and canopy.

  • Weight – Twin strollers typically weight between 30 and 40 pounds. Great ones will be at, or below, 30 lbs. Joovy has one model that is actually weighs only 23 pounds, which is the best lightweight twin stroller under $300. I reviewed it in the section below.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity - Ideally, you will focus on strollers with maximum carrying capacity of 40 lbs per seat. This is industry standard for this stroller class. Some twin strollers will offer even 50 lbs per seat, which is excellent carrying capacity.
  • Suspension System – All-wheel suspension would be great, but there is really no standard for suspension in this stroller class.
  • Braking System – Due to overall weight of twin strollers, breaking system should be solid. When in locked position, a stroller should be firmly planted still. Since twin strollers under $300 do not have many jogging options, foot mechanical brakes will do trick.
  • Seat Quality – Twin strollers, or tandem strollers, tend to be exposed to much lower levels of mechanical stress, as oppose to single jogging strollers. Some of this relatively small stress is absorbed by a suspension, while a portion of it is transferred to the seating area. This is why you want to make sure that seating area satisfies four main basic requirements: it is specious enough, it is made out of durable material, it has adequate padding, and it is firmly attached to the stroller’s frame.
  • Wheels - Best twin strollers under $300 should have a wheel locking capability, which will allow you to stroll on a straight line. Other than that, you want to make sure that the front wheels can rotate, at least, 180 degrees, since these strollers are expected to be fairly maneuverable.
  • Canopy - Two main factors are adjustability and coverage. Back seat is usually much better covered than the front seat, so your focus should be on the front seat canopy's coverage and adjustability.
Grade A (94 points)
Optima Tandem Stroller by Graco is among top three strollers in twin stroller category. This attractive stroller features stand upright folding positioning, six different seat configurations, extra large storage basket, total stroller weight capacity of 80 lbs, adjustable canopy, two parent and two kids cup holders, and extra lightweight design (37 lbs).
Grade A (93 points)
DuoGlider by Graco features one of the most convenient folding systems, which requires only one hand to execute. With two seats, each supporting up to 40 lbs per seat, this inexpensive and lightweight twin stroller is one of the best tandem stroller category. It weighs only 30 lbs.
Grade A- (90 points)
Contours Options LT Tandem stroller features multi-option reclining options, infant seat adapter, three position foot rest convenient folding system, easy assemble process, excellent canopy size, and easy steering design. This twin stroller weighs about 36 pounds and it supports two children up to 40 pounds each.
Grade B+ (89 points)
Sit N Stand Tandem stroller by Baby Trend is one of the most popular in its category. This twin accommodates two children up to 50 lbs each, which is excellent carrying capacity. Large basket, standing platform, compact folding system, two infant car seat riding option, and maneuverable design. When it comes to weight, this twin is on the upper range of the weight spectrum: 38 pounds.
Grade B+ (89 points)
Joovy Caboose designed probably the most lightweight twin stroller in the market. Weighing only 23 pounds, this twin stroller accommodates two children up to 45 pounds each. Extremely maneuverable, convenient and specious, this ultralight twin stroller features three position front seat reclining system, fully reclining back seat, all wheel suspension and large canopy. Although it is the most expensive stroller in this category, its price is justifiable.
Grade B (85 points)
Considering this is a jogging stroller, Baby Trend's Expedition Double Jogger is surprisingly popular in general twin stroller category. Affordable, organized, lightweight, smooth riding, comfortable, and convenient, this twin stroller offers everything you can wish for. This twin stroller weighs only 30 pounds and supports two children up to 40 pounds per seat.
Grade B (84 points)
Combi Twin Cosmo stroller offers a compact urban look, which is great for slow strolls. The best features of this twin stroller include: well padded seats, adjustable reclining system, and lightweight design (27 lbs). The maximum capacity per seat is 45 lbs. This twin stroller takes up very little space when folded, so it easily fits in almost all car trunks.
Grade B (83 points)
Scooter Double Stroller by Joovy offers more capacity, as it each seat support 45 lbs. This twin stroller features two recline seats, adjustable footrest, large canopy, two cup holders for adults, one hand folding system, and a couple of convenient storage pockets. This twin stroller weighs only 28 lbs.
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