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Best Books by Bill Martin Jr

Who Was Bill Martin Jr?
Bill Martin Jr, a popular author of books for children, was born in 1916 in Kansas. He is considered to be a highly qualified writer in early child education, which is the area he has held his doctoral degree in. In early years, he taught drama, journalism and English at local high schools in Kansas. After completing his Air Force service in World War II, he published his first book “The Little Squeegy Bug”. Later on, he became an editor, which led to his full time career as a writer. The 1970’s and 1980’s were two very productive decades for him, in which he produced a great deal of his master pieces for kids. 

Best Books By Bill Martin Jr.
When it comes to his best books, there are several titles that Bill Martin will be remembered by for a very long time. Bill Martin Jr teamed up with another famous children book writer, Eric Carle, to deliver a series of bestsellers: “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?,” “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?”, Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? and “Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?”. This book series is still one of the most sold editions in this category. Another popular joint venture, Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Going To Sleep?, was made with Michael Sampson and Laura J. Bryant. It is, also, worth mentioning his bestseller “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”, with John Archambault and Lois Ehlert. 

Sixty Year Long Career
Over the the period of 60 years, Bill Martin Jr. wrote over 300 books for children, which gives him an all-star status in this age category. He passed away in 2004, however, many of his books are being released in years after his passing. He is a recipient of many honorary degrees and awards. 

If you would like to learn more about Bill Martin Jr., I encourage you to visit the web-site dedicated to his work and life. Another resource-based database of his lifelong career can be found here.
BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR, WHAT DO YOU SEE? by Bill Martin Jr., Eric Carle
This is definitely the most famous classic book from this title series. Eric Carle illustrations come to life when sprinkled with Bill Martin's poetic expressions. Our son enjoys this book every time we read it to him as if it was first time. Simplicity, beauty, and nature come together to complete one of the most beautiful journeys for the little ones.
PANDA BEAR, PANDA BEAR, WHAT DO YOU SEE? by Bill Martin Jr., Eric Carle
Panda Bear is an extension of world famous Brown Bear book by the same author. This title ranks lower than its predecessor, but it is equally educational, entertaining and fun to ready to toddlers. The writing style and word rhythm remained the same, with some new animals being added to the mix. If you enjoyed Brown Bear, you should extend the story with the Panda Bear.
POLAR BEAR, POLAR BEAR, WHAT DO YOU HEAR? by Bill Martin Jr., Eric Carle
Polar Bear explores the world of ice and animals who live there. Familiar writing style and fabulous illustrations will quickly get adventure going. I love seeing anticipation and excitement expressions on our son's face as new animals parade through the book. We have this title in a large 9-inch book format, which I would strongly recommend to anyone who enjoys Eric Carle's illustrations.
CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault
As the story goes "A told B, and B told C, I will meet you at the top of coconut tree", Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is probably one of the greatest introduction to alphabet books for toddlers. This unique, elegant and novel approach to teaching letters to children will grow on you as you read the book to your little one. Great illustration work for this book was done by Lois Ehlert.
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