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Books For Kids

Reading To Infants
It is never too early to start reading to your baby. About half way through your pregnancy she can hear and recognize your voice. Reading to infants promotes bonding between parents and baby. Although between 0 and six months your little one may not understand what you are reading, he will love to listen to you and enjoy the closeness. During this stage books with large pictures and contrasting colors are best for baby's developing eye sight. Songs and nursery rhymes are comforting for infants.

Best Books For Toddlers
There are a plenty of books to choose from for this age. I have complied a lite of our favorite books for toddlers. Each book is graded based on readers' feedback collected over multiple popular sites.

A Dog Party!
Go, Dog Go! is a well loved children's book written by P.D. Eastman, under the Dr. Suess brand. I like that it teaches so many lessons only using about 75 words.

Construction Site
Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site is a favorite book at our house that must be read at least twice at night and a few times during the day. Luckily for me, the rhyming text flows smoothly. The words and illustrations are excellent for putting my little one in a drowsy state while reinforcing his love of big trucks.

Eric Carle Books
Eirc Carle is one of the most beloved children book writers. It is fair to say that his books are classic and timeless. Our son truly enjoys and loves all Eric Carle books!

Best Books For Kids
What makes a kids book earn the tittle of being called "the best kids book"? First, let's clarify that best can be best only as in reference to a certain category. There is no such thing as "the best of all things", or in this case, "the best book of all books". So, when it comes to kids books, best books for kids are the ones that are excelling in a particular branch, which means they are delivering what is expected to deliver, and beyond, for that particular book category. Books for kids categories are defined as following: books for kids formats, books for kids themes, books for kids target age groups, books for kids target development areas, and books for kids delivery purpose.
  • Books for kids format - When it comes to kids book formats, there are several groups: board books for kids, hardcover books for kids, audio books for kids, touch and feel books for kids, etc.
  • Books for kids theme - Our son loves Construction Site books for kids and toddlers. Other books for kids themes might include: animal books for kids, geography books for kids, nature books for kids, cars books for kids, etc.
  • Books for kids target age group - Publishers of kids books usually assign suggested age group for a book. For example, there are books for two year old toddlers, while some other might be for seven and year year old kids. However, sometimes age suggestion has a broader concept, such as: kids books for infants, kids books for toddlers, kids books for preschoolers, etc.
  • Books for kids development areas - Books for kids are usually targeting specific early child development areas, such as, better communication skills, promotion of emphatic feelings, vocabulary expansion, self-expression, cognitive skills, etc.
  • Books for kids delivery purpose - Books for kids usually have a delivery purpose associated with them. For example, there are kids books that talk about potty training, such as, A Potty For Me. Some other books might teach baby signs, house choirs, various holidays, meaning of friendship, a concept of love, or some other theme.

Around the age of two, our son started pretending he is reading books to us. I have to say, it is one of the cutest things we have experienced as parents.

Bean enjoys having reading companions, which is more-less any visitor that comes to our house. His aunt had to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar many, many times...
Instant Excitement
It is easy to observe book's effect on children while the book is being read to them. Kids don't know how to fake excitement, nor they know how to fake boredom. Assuming book's topic is something that should be of interest to your little one, if he or she is not paying attention to the book, you should know that this particular book is not serving its purpose because it is either not well written, there are issues with how it is being delivered (read), or it is written for a different age group.

Requesting Reading
Great books will grab little one's attention quickly. Furthermore, they will stay excited about the book, so they will ask you to read it to them over and over again. Requests for repeated reading of a book is on the best signs of a great book for kids.

Real-life Application
The best sign of well written book for kids is when they apply it in the real world. Our son frequently quotes certain phrases from his favorite books, or demonstrates desired behavior exhibited in his favorite books. This type of positive impact can also be defined as a lessons learned effect.
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