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Best Travel System Strollers Under $300

Best Travel System Strollers Under $300
If you are looking for travel system stroller, there are plenty of choices under $300. Based on customer feedback, which was collected across multiple sites, we ranked top fifteen travel system strollers. Overall grades are ranging from 93 for Graco FastAction Fold Classics Connect DLX Travel System to 63 for Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System. Generally, our opinion is that any travel system stroller that "earns" over 60 in the overall grade is worth considering purchasing. Grades for all of the best travel system strollers under $300 are posted in the last column in the table shown below this text. Currently, Graco offers the most choices in the best travel system strollers under $300 with eight choices among top 15. Graco seems to found its niche in travel system stroller market, with the focues on the price range between $150 and $300. Besides Graco, five other companies found their spots on the best travel system strollers list: Britax USA (1 travel system stroller), Eddie Bauer (1 travel system stroller), Evenflo (3 travel system strollers), Maxi-Cosi (1 travel system stroller), and Baby Trend (1 travel system stroller).

Why Did We Select Evenflo Aura Select Travel System?
When we were looking for a travel system stroller, our choice was Evenflo Aura Select Travel System. This travel system stroller offered features which were in line with our needs. For us, it was important that the carry-on easily installs onto the stroller and into the car seat base. Also, it has a big storage space underneath it, large canopy, large food tray, hand brakes, and it collapses into a fairly small size.

How To Select Travel System Stroller?
When looking for a travel system stroller, make a list of your must-have and nice-to-have requirements, including your price range. Below the table with best travel system strollers, I listed all main features one should take into consideration when purchasing a stroller. You might consider using this list as your starting point. Then, pull up the list of particular stroller type within desired price range. In this case, it will be a travel system stroller list. I have made a bunch of lists with particular stroller types and various price ranges, so you might want to check them out. All of them are listed on the left side of this page. Your next task is to start matching must-have requirements with potential market offerings. If you end up with more than one choice, you can start looking into your nice-to-have requirements to make the final decision.

  • Weight – When it comes to best travel system strollers under $300, weight is an important feature. Since you will be pushing the stroller and carrying the seat around, you want to make sure it is as light as possible. A decent travel system stroller will weigh less than 50 pounds, while good ones will be in the range between 35 and 45 pounds. Earlier, I reviewed the best travel systems under 40 lbs.
  • Seat & Stroller Locking Mechanism - Since the carry-on seat will be in and out stroller and car seat base fairly frequently, you have to make sure it easily installs in each. Usually, there will be a simple button or a small handle, which once pushed our pulled unlocks the seat. The entire process should be smooth and easy to execute.
  • Suspension system – A good suspension system will go a long way for any type of a stroller. Ideally, all stroller wheels will have an independent suspension system. If the suspension exists only on the back wheels, and not on the front one, that is great too. Most likely, this price range will have a basic spring suspension system, which is OK for this stroller type.
  • Braking system – The braking system in this price range is usually limited to foot brakes for parking. Finding a travel system stroller under $300 with a hand-and-wrist braking mechanism, or hand-grip mechanism, would be fantastic. Again, typically, you should expect to find only parking brakes, which is OK.
  • Folding system – Generally speaking, travel system stroller folding is expected to be a bit challenging, due to overall bulkiness and weight. The folding mechanism should not be a driving factor when purchasing a travel system stroller under $300, but it should not be overlooked either. A good strollers will fold in a maximum of two steps. Travel system strollers under $300 are, generally speaking, very travel friendly. However, you should carefully align your expectations with your needs and strollers capabilities. 
  • Seat quality – A travel system stroller under $300 tend to be exposed to much lower levels of mechanical stress, as oppose to jogging strollers. Some of this relatively small stress is absorbed by a suspension, while a portion of it is transferred to the seating area. This is why you want to make sure that seating area satisfies four main basic requirements: it is specious enough, it is made out of durable material, it has adequate padding, and it is firmly attached to the stroller’s frame.
  • Wheels - Best travel system strollers under $300 should have a wheel locking capability, which will allow you to stroll on a straight line. Other than that, you want to make sure that the front wheels can rotate, at least, 180 degrees, since these strollers are expected to be fairly maneuverable.
  • Canopy – Two main requirements for travel system stroller under $300 canopy are: adjustability and coverage. A good travel system stroller will have an easily adjustable canopy. Also, you want to make sure canopy covers as much of the seat as possible. Ideally, the canopy will be large enough to cover, at least, half of the seating area.
Stroller Name Manufacturer Weight Max.W. Popularity Grade
 1 Graco FastAction Fold Classics Connect DLX Travel System  Graco 39 50 Medium 93
 2 Britax B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System Stroller  Britax USA 45 55 High 84
 3 Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel System  Graco 54 50 Low 83
 4 Eddie Bauer Adventurer Sport Travel System Stroller  Eddie Bauer 47 50 Low 83
 5 Graco Stylus 30 Quintin Travel System with Snugride  Graco 45 55 Low 79
 6 Graco Alano Classic Connect Travel System Stroller  Graco 37 50 Low 78
 7 Graco FastAction Fold Travel System Stroller  Graco 39 50 Low 77
 8 Evenflo Aura Select Travel System Stroller  Evenflo 42 50 Low 77
 9 Graco Stylus Classic Connect LX Travel System Stroller  Graco 47 50 Medium 77
 10 Graco UrbanLite Classic Connect Travel System Stroller  Graco 38 50 Low 75
 11 Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System Stroller  Graco 34 50 Medium 73
 12 Evenflo FeatherLite 400 Stroller with Embrace 35 Car Seat  Evenflo 40 35 Low 73
 13 Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller with Embrace 35 Car Seat  Evenflo 36 40 High 71
 14 Maxi-Cosi Leila Travel System Stroller  Maxi-Cosi 45 35 Low 66
 15 Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System Stroller  Baby Trend 42 50 High 63
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