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Best Strollers For Under $100

Best Strollers Under $100 Overview
A good stroller does not have to be super expensive. Actually, we own a stroller that currently sells for under $100, although we went with the travel system which is over $100. The stroller alone retails for under $100: Evenflow Juvenile Aura Stroller. We choose our stroller based on a set of most desirable features - things we were not willing to compromise on. Once we found a few strollers within our price range, which satisfied those must-have requirements, we started the process of elimination. In our case, the elimination process was fairly simple since only a handful of strollers were left in the game. We choose the Aura because it had the most additional nice-to-have features among a few finalists. Below, you can see reviews of my top four choices under $100. I outlined basic pros and cons for each selection, along with some other basic info, which one might find useful. Here is the list of the features you should be analyzing when purchasing a stroller for under $100:
  • Weight - You will lift, carry and drag that stroller into the trunk of your car, through parks, across airports, over the street curbs, upstairs, downstairs, etc. Carefully analyze the most likely future activities and lifestyle before you decide on which stroller you will take home.
  • Dimensions - Overall dimensions will start playing a larger role as your activity level increases. Traveling frequently with extremely bulky strollers will make you wish you had a slimmer model with you. Also, it is much easier to get around sidewalks, shopping malls, restaurants, and restrooms with smaller stroller types. However, if you are living in the suburbs, driving an SUV, rarely cruising through airports, and mostly enjoying slow and peaceful walks, stroller dimensions might not be that important.
  • Collapsibility - When I say collapsibility, I mean how easily the stroller closes and opens. I am strongly against any stroller that requires three hands, two knees and a pair of pliers to open. A stroller should open using two hands with an application of a relatively small force. Anything more than that should be avoided. If you make only one trip per day with a car for the first three years of your baby's life, that translates into 2,000 opening and closing actions. You should not suffer each and every day. Go to the store, try out opening and closing your favorite stroller, and only after you are 100% convinced that it is easy enough, then consider buying it.
  • Seat - Your little one will spend a lot of time in this stroller - in its seat in particular. Your goal is to find a seat that has at least two, preferably more, adjustable positions. It is important to have inclination positioning available since your little one will be eating, drinking, actively watching and sleeping in his or her seat. All of these activities might required different seat inclination.
  • Wheels - Size, quality and the material of which the wheels are made are all important factors when matching your needs with stroller wheels. If you looking for a stroller solely for short and slow walks, wheels will not play that much of a role. However, if you are anticipating more active lifestyle, you might want to spend some time researching wheel systems.
  • Canopy - A good canopy goes a long way in strollers. When sunny days come, you will appreciate the time you took to select a stroller with a decent canopy. There are two things to consider when analyzing stroller canopies. First, you want it to be decent size, so it cover up your little's face, arms and belly. Second, a good canopy will easily slide on and off, while most importantly, it will stay firmly on once you install it. 
  • Storage - Strollers in this price category usually have a decent storage bin underneath the baby seat. Your goal is to make sure that diaper bag easily slides in and out of stroller's storage bin or can be attached to the handle bar. Any other storage space should be a bonus, not a requirement.
  • Food tray - This is a tricky one. Parents have no idea how their baby will develop in terms of height and seating posture. If food trays height and distance from the seat are not matching your baby's height and seating posture, your little one will not fully enjoy stroller rides. I know it is hard to know these things in advance, so spend some time reading about other mom's experience on this feature.
  • Cup holder - There is no reason why a stroller under $100 should not have a cup holder. This is a fairly inexpensive, yet extremely helpful stroller feature. You should be able to sip you latte when cruising around with your little bundle of joy. Yes, I am talking about your baby.
Best Strollers Under $100


Top Stroller Under $100 Review
This classic forward facing stroller will most likely satisfy all your basic needs. The First Years Ignite Stroller features a spring suspension system, five reclining positions, easy collapse system, taller than usual handles, five point safety harness, large basket, foam wheels, and it can support a toddler up to 50 lbs. Let me first say that this stroller is the most easy to assemble among the three listed on this page. You are basically just required to snap on 4 wheels and adjust the canopy system. The ride is ready! The next great feature of this stroller is the weight. It weighs only 14 lbs, which puts it in the top of its category. Add to that the fact that when in collapsed position, it does not take much space in the car trunk. The lowest of the five reclining positions is at the the perfect angle to allow full rest and sleep. I know this feature is not easy to find, and this stroller has it. On the downside, you might have to wrestle a little bit with the canopy when adjusting it. Also, although the basket is very specious, you might find it difficult to access due to the somewhat obstructive cross-cross frame. Finally, keep in mind that foam wheels will limit you to pavement and city walks only. All in all, this stroller is definitely worth the money, and it represents one of the best-in-class options in the stroller market with the price target under $100.
35 x 19 x 30 inches

WEIGHT: 14 lbs

50 lbs

BEST SUITED FOR: Great for pavement walks, comfortable for sleeping, great protection from sun, easy to carry when traveling.
Best Strollers Under $100


Top Stroller Under $100 Review
Weighing only 12.5 pounds, this super light collapsible umbrella stroller represents the best value among the top three lightweight strollers featured on this page. Currently, it sells for about $50, which is far below our price $100 threshold. Although it is one of the cheapest in its category, it can still support a maximum weight of 50 lbs, has comparable dimensions, one-hand fold, snack tray, cargo bags, and a cool looking design. Due to its good design, this lightweight umbrella stroller is easy to maneuver, control, lift, store, and push around by using only one hand. The reclining mechanism does not go all the way down, but to a somewhat manageable angle - enough for taking naps. The cargo basket underneath the seat is large enough to accommodate a diaper bag and purse. One of the best features when it comes to storage is that the umbrella stroller stands upright on its own when folded - no more annoying stepping over the stroller in the garage. Finally, the canopy features a small window, which is a nice touch to this overall well designed umbrella stroller. Now, before you decide to purchase this umbrella champion, you should know a few cons. When folded, the stroller does not seem to have any locking mechanism to prevent it from unfolding. The kid's cup holder is too narrow, so most zippy cups will not fit in it. All in all, this lightweight umbrella stroller represents the best value in its category.


32 x 18 x 40 inches

WEIGHT: 12.5 lbs

50 lbs

BEST SUITED FOR: Airports, travel, urban walks, narrow passages, shopping malls.
Best Strollers Under $100


Top Stroller Under $100 Review:

This stroller is probably one of the best value offers on the market. In my opinion, this is probably the most one can get from a stroller for under $100. We have had it since our son's birth, and it works well. It features an extra large basket on the bottom, removable wipes dispenser, two cup holders, single-hand steering bar, retracing tray, adjustable safety belts, and a few more cool features. When it comes to spills, the stroller is made out of an easy to clean fabric, which was an important feature in our decision making process. One complaint I have about the stroller is it can be a little difficult to fold and unfold. My husband, on the other hand, has no issue with this task. It steers well, but I cannot steer it with one hand. Again, my husband says he has no issue steering with one hand. Overall, I would not say this is the best stroller in the world, but I am confident it is one of the best value propositions you will find in this market.

UPDATE: At the time of this update (2016), we have had this stroller for 6 years, and it is still in a good working condition. I am happy to report that no parts have failed us, it is still steering well, and it folds without any issues. Considering current options out there, Evenflo strollers might not be the most attractive (appearance) strollers in the market, but this one has proven to be long-lasting, sturdy, and well designed.  So, in the retrospect, knowing what I know today, would have I purchased this stroller again? Yes, absolutely.


DIMENSIONS: 36 x 23 x 42 inches

WEIGHT: 18 lbs


BEST SUITED FOR: Long walks, shopping strolls, utility, comfortable naps, city adventures.

CATEGORY: Best Strollers Under $100


Top Stroller Under $100 Review
Contours Lite Stroller is a reasonably priced standard forward facing lightweight stroller. It is easy to operate even with one hand. Assembly is fairly simple. When it comes to maintenance, the instruction manual states that the most expensive replacement part is under $15. A simple folding system makes it great for travel, as it can easily fit in all standard cars. Most importantly, it does not lack storage space. It features 6-inch front single swivel, 8-inch rear wheels, spring loaded suspension system, lightweight frame, easy to clean fabric, a cup holder, child snack tray, multi-position reclining seat, long foot rest, canopy, harness with strap, and a large basket underneath. The child snack tray easily and conveniently rotates out of the way. It, also, features an extra large drink holder, which is a rare feature in strollers. Most of them come with regular size drink cup holders. On the downside, it does seem to be a bit high, so it is not recommended for short toddlers. However, it can be disconnected until it is at the appropriate height with respect to the toddler's size. The second most common complaint about this stroller is the canopy, which sometimes does not open smoothly and/or easily. Some moms complained that it needed to be tugged and pulled into desired position, which can be annoying. Overall, even with a couple of flaws listed above, this stroller is definitely worth the price. 
17 x 10 x 31 inches 

WEIGHT: 16 lbs

40 lbs

BEST SUITED FOR: Easy walks, travel, tight places where easy navigation is must.
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