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Best Lightweight Strollers

Best Lightweight Strollers Weight Definition 
Lightweight strollers are particularly popular in urban areas due their light weight, great maneuverability, and relatively low storage space requirements. Lightweight strollers are defined by their weight. What is the maximum weight of a stroller to be considered a lightweight stroller? In the past, a lightweight baby stroller would be any stroller weighing less than 15 lbs. In recent years, with some design and ergo advancements, the line has been pushed upwards by a couple of pounds. The analysis included all strollers weighing less than 17 pounds, among which 12 were selected as the best lightweight strollers currently on the market. Note that lightweight definition could have been assigned at any number between 12 and 20, so it is important to understand that the weight cut-off line is a subjective determination. Our analysis indicated that 17 pounds was the most reasonable weight benchmark for selecting top rated lightweight strollers.

Ranking Explanation For Best Lightweight Strollers
Best lightweight strollers were selected based on customer feedback, which was collected across multiple popular sites. Our database includes more than a couple of hundred highly reviewed and popular strollers. The highest ranked stroller was awarded 100 points, which equated to the grade “A+”. All other lightweight strollers were scaled from that grade. Best lightweight strollers listed below received 6 A’s and 6 B’s. Based on extremely diversified and competitive market of top rated lightweight strollers, consumers have so many great choices to pick from.

What Is The Best Lightweight Stroller? 
Before we answer the question what is the best lightweight stroller, let me first say that the current market for lightweight strollers is so competitive that 10 companies found themselves on top 12, with only Kolcraft and Maclaren having two different designs on the top rated lightweight strollers list. Based on our research of various stroller categories, the lightweight strollers category is the most competitive of all. That is a great news for consumers, since they are offered an excellent pool of great designs to choose from. The pricing for this group varied widely, from $50’s all the way to $300’s. This is, also, good news for consumers, since best lightweight stroller designs exist at so many different price points. When it comes to weight itself, the best light stroller list covered fairly wide weight range, from 11 lbs to 17 lbs.
Grade: A+ (100 points)
Weighing only 13 lbs with maximum capacity of 45 lbs, Valco Baby Snap superb lightweight stroller design firmly holds top spot in this category. The best lightweight stroller features canopy with a full coverage, extra air flow, next generation folding system, extra padded seat, and full seat reclining option. Without doubt, this is the best lightweight stroller in the market.
Grade: A (96 points)
Britax B-Agile features one hand fold design system, lightweight aluminum frame, and it accommodates up to 55 lbs of carrying weight. That weight is actually maximum you will find in this category. This lightweight stroller is compatible with all Britax car seats, and a few other major baby seat manufacturers.
Grade: A (93 points)
Maclaren techno XT has some unique features, such as, adjustable height handles, multi-position seat angle, one hand fold mechanism, height adjustable safety harness, and a four wheel suspension system. This lightweight stroller comes with rain cover and a storage basket. The stroller's seat is easily removable so it can be washed.
Grade: A (93 points)
A competitively priced, weighing only 14 lbs, with a carrying capacity of 50 lbs and plenty of storage, The First Years Ignite is one of the best lightweight strollers in the market today. This lightweight stroller is extremely easy to push, has a great maneuverability, easy to assemble, and it takes very little space when folded. It is the perfect solution for urban areas.
Grade: A- (91 points)
Highly ergonomic, easy to handle, supporting up to 55 lbs of weight, and with tons of adjustable features, Inglesina Trip Stroller is for a good reason one of the best lightweight strollers in the market. This lightweight strollers comes in three different colors, and it weighs less than 15 lbs. It is one of the best lightweight baby strollers for busy moms.
Grade: A- (91 points)
Maclaren Quest Sport has a maximum holding capacity (55 lbs), four position angle seating, extendable leg rest, water resistant covering, and it comes with a storage basket. Weighing less than 14 lbs, Maclaren is considered to be an ultra-light stroller. If you are looking for a simple, highly functional, and durable stroller, this one might be it.
Grade: B (87 points)
The way Jeep Cherokee Sport is priced, it definitely represents one of the best value proposals in all stroller categories. It is amazing how effective Jeep's minimalist design has been. This compact, yet very convenient, design received fantastic response from the consumers. It weighs only 12.4 lbs and it can carry up to 50 lbs of weight.
Grade: B (87 points)
This Kolcraft design has not been as popular as Jeep Cherokee Sport. Yet, it has received great market feedback in terms of overall design, storing capacity, accessories, canopy quality, and one hand folding system. This lightweight stroller weighs only 12 pounds and it can accommodate up to 35 pounds in the seating area.
Grade: B (87 points)
Baby Jogger City Mini comes in a variety of colors, all of whom are very attractive and cute! This lightweight stroller features next generation folding system, great canopy, extra padded seat, and lockable front wheel system. The seat can be reclined to a flat position. This is the perfect little stroller for city walks and urban areas.
Grade: B (86 points)
The champion of lightweight strollers, Peg Prego Pliko Mini weighs only 11 pounds! When folded, this stroller will stand upright. It has several adjustable features, which include: footrest, reclining seat, and telescopic handles. Peg Prego Pliko Mini is very easy to maneuver, fold and assemble. With this design one will never have to bend to over, so it is perfect for on-the-go family.
Grade: B (85 points)
When it comes to choices, nothing beats Baby Cargo Lightweight. The stroller comes in three different flavors (300 series, 200 series, 100 series), and tons of different colors! This top rated lightweight stroller features high quality easy to clean fabric, multiple pockets for storing stuff, very comfortable seat, aluminum frame and a rain cover. 
Grade: B (84 points)
Chicco delivered superb design which features fully reclining seat, two position foot rest, lightweight aluminum frame, practical storage pockets, solid canopy, nicely designed wheels and it comes in many different colors to choose from. Maximum supported weight of this lightweight baby stroller is 40 lbs.
Stroller Name Manufacturer Name Stroller Weight Max.
Popularity Overall Grade
 1 Valco Baby 2012 Snap Single Lightweight Stroller Valco Baby 13 45 Low A+
 2 Britax B-Agile Lightweight Stroller Britax USA  17 55 High A
 3 Maclaren Techno XT Lightweight Stroller Maclaren 15 55 Medium A
 4 The First Years Ignite Lightweight Stroller Tomy 14 50 High A
 5 Inglesina 2012 Trip Lightweight Stroller Inglesina 15 55 Low A-
 6 Maclaren Quest Sport Lightweight Stroller Maclaren 14 55 Medium A-
 7 Jeep Cherokee Sport Lightweight Stroller Kolcraft 12 50 High B
 8 Kolcraft Lite Sport Lightweight Stroller Kolcraft 12 35 Low B
 9 Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Single Lightweight Stroller Baby Jogger 17 50 High B
 10 Peg Perego Pliko Mini Lightweight Stroller Peg Perego USA 11 45 Low B
 11 Baby Cargo Lightweight Umbrella Stroller Baby Cargo 15 50 Low B
 12 Chicco Liteway Stroller Chicco 17 40 High B
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