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Facts About Giving Bath To Babies

Facts And Tips About Giving Baths To Babies
  • When it comes to water temperature, it is recommended to have a lukewarm tub - anywhere between 90ºF and 100ºF.
  • To keep baby's head warm out of the bath, you might consider using a towel with a hood.
  • For the safety purposes, never keep the water running while baby is in tub.
  • It is recommended to have at least two soft washcloths: one for soaping and one for rinsing.
  • Health benefits of a bath include: relaxing muscles, calming mind, detoxifying, moisturizing, and stimulating circulation.
  • For babies under six months, consider buying a bathtub that has a contoured design. Since small babies have limited head and neck control, this kind of bathtub will keep them in a relaxed and slightly upright position.

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