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Best Baby Monitors

Which Baby Monitor Is The Best?
We own two baby monitors: Summer Baby Touch Digital Video and Summer Day And Night Handheld Video 2090. The first monitor is far superior, due to its advanced technology and design features. However, it is more expensive too. Honestly, I do not think there is anything wrong with selecting a cheaper option: 900 MHz model. However, today, they do not sell 900 MHz without the second monitor (large monitor). The combined price for a camera and two monitors is actually higher than the Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor. With that in mind, I would go for the Summer Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor.

How To Choose A Baby Monitor?
Things you need to pay attention when selecting baby monitor include: display size, battery life, charging system, monitor weight, camera coverage angle, camera light, sound quality, zoom in feature, and display off with sound option. Needless to say, you are looking for a monitor that will meet your needs. For example, if you plan to move a lot around the house while your baby takes naps and goes to sleep at night, you probably have to take into consideration having a monitor clip on option and weight. If you are intending to leave monitor on while you are sleeping, you want to make sure video display can be turned off while the sound stays on.
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