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First 9 Months Baby Development Stages: 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months

Ten Main Baby Development Milestones: Three Months
  1. Vision: Starting to be able to track your movement around a room and focus on near by objects.
  2. Hearing: Being fully aware of and responds to the sound of your voice by smiling or blinking.
  3. Neck strength: During her tummy time, a baby should be able to lift her head off the floor.
  4. Body strength: Kicking and stretching will significantly intensify over time.
  5. Hands: As a baby becomes of her hands, she will start bringing them to her mouth.
  6. Control: Baby becomes able to grip and lock on objects in her hands.
  7. Communication: She starts reaching for you when she needs comforting and security.
  8. Language: Starting to produce "coo" and "goo" noises, and some other baby like sounds.
  9. Awareness: Baby becomes interested in reaching for familiar objects around her.
  10. Smiling: By the end of third month, a baby should be smiling in response to your gestures. Also, she will look for you to smile at her.
Ten Main Baby Development Milestones: Six Months
  1. Neck strength: A baby is able to sit up and has a great head control.
  2. Body strength: By six months, babies are usually able to roll from front to back, and vice-verse.
  3. Hands: She is able to hold a bottle on her own.
  4. Control: She is able to transfer objects from one hand to another.
  5. Control: Becomes able to reach for, grab, and manipulate objects and toys with her hands.
  6. Communication: Babies are responding to expressions of emotion, and start to enjoy social play.
  7. Language: She is babbling and making language like sounds.
  8. Awareness: At this stage of baby development, babies open their mouth to spoon.
  9. Awareness: They are staring to be able to find partially hidden objects.
  10. Smiling: Babies are typically laughing by the fifth or sixth month.
Ten Main Baby Development Milestones: Nine Months
  1. Body strength: Baby is able to sit straight and support herself.
  2. Mobility: At this stage, your baby is fully mobile and proficient in crawling around the house.
  3. Language: A few words will emerge, while the rest of babbling will just sound like sentences.
  4. Communication: Although a baby will not be able to answer your questions, she might be able to respond to them with her actions.
  5. Communication: Crying starts to sound different depending on want or need.
  6. Hands: At this stage, babies will start to grab spoon as they are being fed.
  7. Control: Baby is looking for action-reaction toys and objects: switches, levers, buttons, etc.
  8. Awareness: Your baby is becoming increasingly interested in exploring her surroundings by crawling all around the house, and exploring all corners.
  9. Awareness: She will notice herself in the mirror, and start to recognize her name.
  10. Separation anxiety: Babies are becoming increasingly attached to their parents. Anytime you try to leave them alone, they will cling on you and try to follow you - everywhere. It is a normal step in the development process.
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