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Baby Bedtime Routine

What Are The Benefits of Good Baby Bedtime Routine?
Good baby bedtime routine is a set of consistent procedures performed at about the same time each evening that provide consistency and signal to your baby's brain that it is time to sleep. Babies spend the day taking in unbelievably large amounts of new information. Developing baby routines provides predictability and helps baby feel safe. A bedtime routine for baby signals baby's body to release sleep inducing hormones. Keep in mind that all babies and toddlers in general respond extremely well to structured environment and baby routines.

Bedtime Routine For Babies
A well-structured baby bedtime routine can be the key for good night’s sleep and the overall health of your little one. Good baby sleeping patterns will not only be beneficial for a baby, but for everyone in the household. Well rested and relaxed adult mind operates much more efficiency than the exhausted one, so parents should try their best to create conditions for good night rest. One of the key conditions in early years is a structured and consistent baby bedtime routine. The hardest part of baby bedtime routine is correctly establishing one.

How To Establish Bedtime Routine For Baby?
When establishing baby bedtime routine, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what is your ideal state, or better say, what is your end goal. Your end goal could be to have your little entertained, cleaned up, relaxed and ready to sleep in bed every night around 8 PM. So, if developing good baby sleeping patterns is your goal, you will need to come up with a process, which will enable you to achieve your goal every night. This process will consist of several steps, which will be executed in a particular sequence. The best way to do this is to pull out a piece of paper and a pen, and start developing individual process steps. I provided some bedtime routine ideas and practical tips which we implemented and incorporated into our baby bedtime routine. Time invested up front in designing your baby bedtime routine process will be time well spent, since kids thrive on baby routine consistency and dislike frequent changes in their environment.

Baby Bedtime Routine As a Bonding Tool
You and your baby will develop a special bond over time. The overall quality of that bond will depend on a quality time you spend together, environment you spend it in, and activities you are both engaged in during those times. Baby bedtime routine is a perfect example of such natural bonding opportunity. Use your baby bedtime routine to build a stronger and everlasting relationship with your precious one.

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