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Baby Sleeping During Night

Baby Nursing And Sleeping Through The Night
Our son, Bean, lost about 10% of his birth weight in the first couple days after birth. This is typical and normal for newborn babies. It took about 5 days for my milk to fully come in after having a c-section, which is also typical. Unfortunately, the hospital scared us into thinking he had lost too much weight. When we went for his first doctor visit, the Bean had lost a couple more ounces. My husband and I were terrified, so for the first month of Bean's life, I woke him up every three hours throughout the night to nurse. We wanted to be sure he was taking in enough calories to grow. After that first doctor visit, we had a lactation specialist come to our house to help us better establish nursing, which was rough in the beginning. From that point on, Bean was gaining weight like a champ. In hind sight, waking him to nurse after the first week of his life was not necessary. In fact, I am afraid it might have set him up to have some sleep issues that we dealt with in the next two years.
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