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Eating - Can Baby Inherit Parent Eating Habits

Babies May Inherit Their Parent's Eating Habits
With a high consumption of store organic baby food, my husband jokingly says Bean is eating away his college fund. Apparently my husband had the same issues with eating solid foods. Believe it or not, my husband actually didn't' eat regular meals until he was four years old! At one point in time, we took our son to a "feeding therapy. Feeding therapy consisted of doing a lot of sensory play with food. We didn't see much improvement with therapy, so we decided to try to do a variety of sensory activities at home. As Bean was getting older, he was starting to play in sand and was willing to touch some different textures. This was a hopeful sign that he would eat a variety of things in the days ahead. My plan was to keep offering what we are eating, so that he sees it, smells it and tastes it occasionally. To be perfectly honest, I am still looking forward to the day when Bean will eat what we are eating. So, do babies inherit their parent’s eating habits? Based on limited research on this topic and from our own experience, I would say that it is possible that some of baby eating habits could be inherit. However, I still firmly believe that environment in which baby is growing up is the deciding factor. It all goes back to parents eating habits. As a side note, please remember, when it comes to introducing solid foods to you baby, always consult with your pediatrician. Specifically discuss any foods that may pose allergy risks for your baby.

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