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Do Babies Sleeping Pattern Change

Do Babies Sleep Habits Change?
The first couple weeks of Bean's life, my husband would walk with him in his arms to get him to sleep. At around two months the Bean was nursing to sleep every night. He would fall asleep in my arms and I would put him in his co sleeper. Between months two and four, Bean was sleeping from around 11 pm until 3 am or so, then up at 6 or 7 am. At four months, he refused to sleep in his co sleeper and would only stay asleep if I laid him on our bed. He was not a fan of the crib. At this age, he also began waking up every two to three hours throughout the night. I was so exhausted, I had him sleep in bed next to me so I could nurse him and roll over and go back to sleep without completely waking up. The thought of putting him in the crib and needing to walk down the hall every two hours was not pleasant. I, also, wasn't really ready to have him sleeping so far away. He was still so little!
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