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Angelcare AC1100 Baby Video Sound Movement Monitor


Angelcare Baby Video Sound Movement Monitor
Award winning Angelcare is one of the most popular, easy to use, and technologically sophisticated baby monitors out there today. This 2.4 GHz baby monitor system consists of several parts: parent monitor, nursery unit, charging device, and the sensor pad. In addition, there are AC adapters and rechargeable batteries. All in all, this is one of the most complete baby monitor systems in the market, as it features all three segments: video, sound and movement capabilities. Typically, baby monitor systems come with either one or two listed capabilities, and it is rarely all three. Angelcare pulled it off and the best part is, they pulled it off for the price of two function baby monitor. The company was founded in 1997 and it is currently based in Montreal, Canada.

Baby Monitor Pros
All Angelcare components are of great quality and value. The 2.75-inch LCD touchscreen screen features superb digital color video quality with high level of adjustability available. The camera unit features built-in infrared functionality for dark conditions. The sound monitor has a standard two-way communication capability. The motion sensor pad is ultra-sensitive, as it detects even the slightest movements. If no movement is detected in 20 seconds, it will send an alarm signal.

Baby Monitor Cons
Most complaints about this product come from the fact that users did not take time to read instructions. Since the system contains multiple independent components, it is very important to study user manual for each component. One valid complaint is around battery life, which is a complain that is repeated almost across all baby monitors in the market today. Two workaround solutions for this problem are: leverage monitor’s energy conservation capabilities and consider getting back-up batteries.

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