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About Beans Mama

I am the mama of an amazing four-year old boy. I created the site that I've always wanted to read, but could not find on the Internet. This site can help parents to be, new parents, and parents of toddlers find information all in one place, rather than spending precious time searching. It should help moms in the everyday decision making process when it comes to baby products and kids toys. Using my own experience and that of my friends, I created a database of baby product reviews. Hopefully, my reviews will help you make more informative and data driven decisions. Besides product reviews, I am sharing other useful information every mom ought to know. Being a mom is a challenging, yet very rewarding, journey. By sharing my own experiences and tons of great information, I hope I will be able to save you some time, spare you from unnecessary frustration, and make your journey more enjoyable. The site is designed as a educational tool only. I am not a pediatrician, so please seek professional advice before using any baby or toddler products mentioned on this site, or the forum area.

Product review sites can be found all over the Internet. When looking for baby product information, I encountered several problems. The first problem that I encountered when reading them was the fact that a very few review sites are developed and written by actual users. In this case, that would be moms of babies and toddlers. This made their reviews either highly inaccurate, or too generic. Neither was useful to me. The second problem I have encountered was that most sites are nothing but promotional tools for various product manufacturers. Their main goal was to push their products to moms, rather than to provide objective review of their products - listing all pros and cons. Finally, the last issue I found was in review sections of popular sale sites. I had no idea that there are people who are paid to post fake reviews all over popular sale sites in order to boost sales of their employers, or to decrease sales of their competitors by posting bad reviews. These disappointing experiences led me to a decision to start my own baby product review sites for my family, friends and other moms. In order to continue to improve user experience, I am constantly adding new sections to the site. In addition, I am analyze information from as many angles as possible. Besides baby product reviews, you will find a lot of direct head-to-head comparisons between competing products. This way, I am showing you which parameters I have used when making my own decisions.

If you know of a great product that I have not written about, please let me know. My e-mail address is: michellekaramesic (at) I will do everything I can to get my hands on it, try it out, and share my experiences with the readers. As my exposure to new baby products grows, I am expanding site database accordingly, so please visit the site frequently for new sections, reviews, resources, and information.
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