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Bean's Mama Journey Through Motherhood

Welcome To Bean's Mama Site
Yoga Instructor
In 2016, I received my Yoga instructor certification. Yoga has always been one of my passions, and now I can share positive energy with others. Along with my Yoga instructor certification, I completed BUTI yoga training. I am excited to share my Yoga journey with all the readers of Bean's Mama.
Breastfeeding Benefits Are Significant
Breastfed babies have much lower risk of diabetes, less pronounced respiratory issues, significantly lower chance of developing acute ear infection, and many other benefits. Breastfeeding benefits are not only associated with babies, as they extend to their mothers, too. For example, breastfeeding mothers are shown to have between 28% and 50% lower risk of developing a breast cancer.  In recent years, breastfeeding is making a big comeback in the developed world.
Baby Development Stages
I found it very useful to follow my baby's physical and mental progress against expected and standard baby development stages. As we fairly recently became parents for the second time, we traveled back in time, so to speak, to early stage development yet again. At the time of this writing, our second son is almost two years old, and he is rapidly developing his motor and problem solving skills.
What Do Babies Think?
From the first moment they open their eyes, babies are tirelessly trying to analyze all incoming information from their environment. They are on the mission to figure out the world around them works. If you wondered what and how do babies think, a TED's speaker and psychologist Alison Gopnik offers some entertaining and astonishing answers.
Construction Site Books For Toddlers
Our little Bean is in love with construction sites and big machines. Instead of taking him to Disneyland, we take him to local construction sites. It is much cheaper form of entertainment for us, and a lots of fun for him. To expand on this theme, we acquired a few popular Construction Site Books for Toddlers. We read them to him almost every night. If your little one is interested in big machines and construction sites, I strongly encourage you to check out this list of books.
Fine Tuning of Toddler's Motor Skills
One of the best ways to promote fine tuning of early motor skill development in toddlers is via shape sorting toys. These toys typically target shape recognition development, along with size and color matching. One my favorite shape sorting toys for toddlers is Shape Sequence Sorting Set by Melissa & Doug.
Classic Wooden Train Set
We discovered Orbrium Toys Wooden Railway Train Set when we were visiting our friends in LA. Their son had this particular train set. Our son Bean was attracted to this classic wooden toy instantly. Upon our return from California, we ordered the train set, and later on, we added a few accessories to it. It was definitely worth the money. If you are in the market for this toy, you might want to check out our Top 10 Wooden Train Sets.
Fun With Car Ramp Toys
Our son loves sliding small toy cars down car ramps. Car Ramp Toys come in different colors, shapes, sizes and the levels of complexity, ultimately satisfying needs of several age groups. From our experience, Fisher Price seems to be offering the widest range of choices in this toy category.
Fantastic Eric Carle's Books For Toddlers
Over the last few years, we accumulated an extensive library of books for toddlers. One of the most popular authors for this particular age in our household is definitely Eric Carle. His very interesting narrative and superb illustrations kept our little one glued to: Ten Little Rubber Ducks and Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? If you are looking for great toddler titles, good place to start your search would be Eric Carle books.
Construction Site Toys
Our Bean is in love with construction sites, machines and tools. We spent countless hours driving around busy construction sites and checking out the latest models of skid loaders, dump trucks, and other mighty machines. This theme extended through playtime with Bruder toys, which include all construction and services vehicles you can imagine. My husband refers to Bruder as Ferrari for toys, alluding to its great quality, design and durability.
Baby Bedtime Routine
Baby bedtime is a struggle for many new parents. With a well planned bedtime routine, this segment could actually become a great bonding experience for both; parents and kids. Generally speaking, babies, toddlers, and kids love routines because repeating the same process steps makes them feel safe, as they are correctly anticipating the next step.
Kitchen Towers For Toddlers and Kids
Learning towers are great kitchen accessories for the little ones, as they enable them to actively participate and observe work on the counter level. Kids are interested in their parents' activities, and in particular, in kitchen activities. When it comes to kitchen towers for toddlers and kids, there are a few great, practical, and affordable options and choices.
Best Twin Strollers
I searched the market place looking for the best twin strollers, and I found several excellent choices. Among 8 finalists under $300, Graco and Joovy offered half of the list - two each. Even in a category under $200 there are plenty affordable systems. Some of these tandem strollers are so slick looking, it sometimes make me wish I had twins!  :-)
Best Baby Toys For Under $10
Cheap toys do not have to be poor quality. When it comes to baby toys, there are plenty great choices for under $10. These highly entertaining, eye stimulating, and very engaging toys represent the best value in the market in this price range. Find out which baby toys made the cut on the list of Best Baby Toys Under $10.
Knowing You Picked The Right Book
The easiest way to measure success of any kids book is to analyze what kind of effect that book has on a child before book reading, during book reading, in between two readings, and after book reading. There are several ways how child might be positively effected by any given kids book. Reading to kids is one of the best bonding techniques, so read on!  :-)

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